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Discover the Power of AI with Valossa

In the ever-expanding digital cosmos, particularly in the universe of video content, businesses are continually striving to surpass competitors and capture target audiences' attention. Video platforms, advertisers, and content creators are often faced with the immense challenge of understanding and acting upon the vast amounts of visual and audio data that comes their way.

Enter Valossa, a beacon of innovation in the field of Artificial Intelligence, guiding businesses through the complex labyrinth of content analysis and monetization. Valossa's sophisticated AI software pierces through the surface, allowing you to grasp the profound meaning embedded within video content.

The Essence of Valossa

Founded in 2015 by a team of eminent experts in diverse disciplines like computer vision and machine learning, Valossa has risen to prominence as a trailblazer in the realm of AI. With over 70 years of collective research and development experience, the team provides cutting-edge solutions that understand video almost as intuitively as humans do.

Why Choose Valossa?

  • AI-Powered Video Promotions: Valossa accelerates the promotion of online videos by generating captivating content and pertinent metadata.
  • OTT and VOD User Experiences: With AI automation, Valossa enhances the viewer's experience, making it more immersive.
  • Contextually Accurate Advertising: The technology ensures that advertisements align perfectly with the content, maintaining brand safety and relevance.
  • Efficient Content Moderation: The AI excels in detecting sensitive material within images and videos, marking them for human review and keeping media platforms secure.

Valossa's Suite of Services

Valossa's array of products and services includes:

  • Autopreview for Video Promotions: It crafts enticing video previews for promotions.
  • Video Moderation Metadata: It adds layers of information to manage video content effectively.
  • Contextual Video Analysis Metadata: This aids in aligning content with the right context for audiences and advertisers.
  • Face Analysis with Emotions: Valossa's AI can detect and interpret human emotions through facial analysis.

Application Scenarios Enriched by Valossa

  • Video and Image Moderation: Maintain decorum and safeguard your platform with advanced content moderation tools.
  • Intelligent Video Analysis: Transform your videos into smart content repositories capable of delivering insights.
  • Real-time Camera Systems: Implement AI-powered analysis in live camera feeds to enhance safety or customer experience.

Witness AI in Action

To see Valossa's AI solutions firsthand, businesses can reach out for a trial demonstration. Valossa stands as a trusted partner for enterprises seeking to navigate the complexities of modern media landscapes.

Valossa Labs Ltd.: A Snapshot

  • Location: Headquartered in Oulu, Finland.
  • Contact: For inquiries or trial information, you can email

In the age where content is king, Valossa empowers businesses with AI-driven tools that are not just about understanding videos but doing so with precision, relevance, and safety in mind. As videos continue to dominate the web, Valossa ensures that businesses not only keep pace but stay ahead in this rapidly evolving digital race.

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