Are you looking for a writing tool to enhance your experience? Meet Verb, the AI-powered writing tool that reimagines the blank page, bringing simplicity, clarity, and freedom to your creative process.

What is Verb?

Verb is a powerful writing assistant that provides nudges, suggestions, and support as you need it.


  • Seamless Integration: Verb seamlessly integrates with your canvas, offering a distraction-free interface designed to boost your creativity.
  • Plot Transformation: Verb can transform natural language prompts into captivating plots, providing multi-line plot suggestions.
  • Generation Speed: It accelerates your writing by filtering out frequently occurring bad patterns and blocking potential duplicates.
  • Customizable Nudges: These nudges stimulate your imagination and take your story and characters to new heights.
  • Impressive Feedback: Verb evaluates your work against thousands of published manuscripts, giving you constructive feedback.

Verb is incredibly easy to set up and can lead to a 50% improvement in productivity.


  • Verb provides a distraction-free interface.
  • It offers customizable nudges that boost creativity.
  • The tool accelerates generation speed and offers constructive feedback on your writing.


  • As with any AI tool, there might be limitations to its creativity and suggestions.

Our loyal users have attested to the impact Verb has had on their writing. Author Jonas Sebastian mentioned a 50% improvement and Fiction writer Emily views Verb as a "brilliant co-author by my side," indicating its magical influence on her work. Many others are surprised by the significant impact it had on their productivity.

If you're ready to take your imagination to the next level, give Verb a try. Its elegant, distraction-free interface combined with the power of AI-generated nudges may just be the creative spark you need to bring your stories to life. Sign up for the limited beta and see for yourself.

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