Vektor AI

A New Horizon in Decentralized Finance with Vektor

In the ever-expanding world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Vektor emerges as an intuitive and powerful ally. It's an AI-powered engine designed to harmonize the complexities of DeFi tasks such as querying, automation, and execution. What makes Vektor stand out is its ability to interpret and act upon simple human language.

Simplicity Through Language

Vektor transforms the way you interact with multiple blockchains and DeFi protocols. Instead of grappling with complex query syntax, Vektor allows you to use plain English. Want to uncover specific DeFi insights? Just describe your query, and Vektor will do the heavy lifting, enabling you to retrieve your answers briskly and efficiently.

Point, Click, Transact

Conducting transactions across various cryptosystems is another area where Vektor simplifies the process. Describe in plain words the transaction you wish to perform, and Vektor will craft a non-custodial transaction proposal. After a quick review, all that is left for you to do is sign it. Your instructions are then sent directly to the appropriate protocol—efficiency at its best.

Stay Alerted Automatically

Keeping track of market conditions can be daunting. Vektor assists by letting you set alert prompts for any DeFi data condition. Select your preferred notification method and rest assured that Vektor will keep you informed the moment your specified conditions are met.

Words to Workspaces

If your aim is to establish a thematic or strategically-focused workspace, Vektor is ready to assist. Articulate the components you need, and quickly see a workspace come to life without manually building each element - a true time-saver.

Scheduled Insights

Vektor’s capabilities extend to the automated generation of reports. Define the data you’re interested in, and Vektor will capture snapshots at intervals of your choosing. The reports come in various formats and can be delivered through email or webhooks, among other methods.

Smart Calculations

Delve deeper into your financial information by executing contextual calculations with simple statements. Whether you need to perform arithmetic or aggregate data surrounding your DeFi positions or market data, Vektor responds to your inquiries with precision.

Beneath the Surface

Underpinning Vektor is a library of proprietary technologies, including the Vektor Execution Language (VXL). It's a sophisticated DeFi language merging querying, automation, and execution into seamless expressions. The backend adds further dimension, structuring data and enabling asynchronous, cross-chain automatons without relying on smart contracts.

Vektor is a non-custodial application, which means you maintain total control of your assets at all times. It seamlessly integrates with top hardware wallets and also supports institutional custodians ensuring security and flexibility.

The enthusiasm for Vektor isn't just theoretical—developers have found it to be transformative, with powerful integrations and a user-friendly approach.


By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Vektor has crafted a comprehensive platform that addresses the diverse needs within the DeFi landscape. It stands as a testimony to the potential of AI's role in simplifying complex financial systems, and its ability to empower users with efficiency, accuracy, and control. Whether you are a seasoned DeFi enthusiast or just beginning to explore this innovative financial sector, Vektor presents an incredible tool worth considering.

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