Understanding UXsniff: Your AI-Powered UX Analysis Assistant

In the realm of web development and design, understanding your users' behavior is paramount to creating a successful online experience. Enter UXsniff—a sophisticated tool that brings Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the mix, enabling you to effortlessly monitor and analyze user interactions on your website.

Simplifying UX Analysis

At the core of UXsniff is a simple yet powerful AI system designed to autonomously review session recordings and detect unusual click patterns. This means you can let UXsniff act as your on-site UX analyst, scrutinizing your user interactions and spotlighting areas for improvement.

How to Get Started

It's as easy as one, two, three:

1. Add the UXsniff snippet to your website

2. Allow UXsniff to observe user activity on your site

3. Receive analyses and alerts regarding UX and SEO shortfalls

Understanding User Behavior

Session Recordings

Delve into the mind of your user by reviewing session recordings that capture their scrolling, movements, and any instance of "rage clicking." This means you can pinpoint user pain points and swiftly rectify them.

Summarized Insights

Time is precious, and watching hours of video is time-consuming. That's why UXsniff employs a ChatGPT API integration to condense these recordings into succinct summaries. With these at your disposal, you can quickly determine whether further investigation of a recording is needed.

Interactive Heatmaps

Grasp how your users interact with your site through live, interactive heatmaps showcasing scroll patterns, clicks, and mouse movement. UXsniff handles the data capture in real-time, ensuring no extra configurations are needed.

Travel Back in Time with Heatmap Wayback Machine

Remember past website designs vividly, as our Heatmap Wayback Machine allows you to visualize design changes over time. It's like having a time machine for your website's UX history!

Streamlining SEO and UX Audits

Leave the tedious analysis to AI. By creating a free account, you enable UXsniff to conduct regular site audits, identifying both SEO and UX issues and keeping a vigilant watch for abnormal user behavior patterns.

Feedback Widgets and On-Site Surveys

UXsniff not only automates analysis but also facilitates direct communication with users. The feedback widget simplifies the process for site visitors to leave comments, while surveys can be quickly set up to probe deeper into user preferences and their reasons for signing up.

Integration with Zapier

Enhance your productivity by connecting UXsniff to over 5000 apps via Zapier. This integration streamlines your UX and SEO audits, freeing up your time to focus on more creative tasks.

Pros and Cons


· Effortless implementation

· AI-driven insights save time

· Real-time heatmaps provide visual user behavior data

· Historical comparison with Wayback Machine

· Automatic regular SEO and UX audits

· Boosted user engagement through feedback and surveys

· Zapier integration for seamless workflow automation


· AI summaries may occasionally miss nuances that full recordings capture

· Dependence on AI might require a learning curve for traditional analysts

· Heatmap Wayback Machine's utility might be limited for freshly launched websites

In Summary

UXsniff is more than just another analytics tool—it's the future of user experience investigation, enriched by the power of AI. With a base plan that's free for life and no need for a credit card to get started, there's no barrier to revolutionizing the way you engage with your users' behavior. Get started now and step into an era where listening to your users goes hand in hand with the advancements of AI technology.

For further information or to sign up, visit the UXsniff website—your go-to resource for elevating user experience insights.

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