User Vista

UserVista: The Companion of Product Teams for Improved NPS and Lower Churn

In the realm of product development, staying in tune with your users' needs and satisfaction levels can be a blueprint for success. UserVista emerges as a reliable ally for product teams, offering an intuitive tool designed to enhance Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and diminish user churn. Here's how UserVista brings clarity and strategic focus to businesses aiming for growth and user satisfaction.

Easy, Efficient Setup

UserVista acknowledges the value of time in a fast-paced product environment. This is why it offers a lightning-fast setup, with a plug-and-play script that's integrated into your app in just two minutes. For teams that already segment their users, UserVista can work with that existing data. Otherwise, it’ll still furnish profound insights, right out of the box.

Intelligent User Ranking

Understanding the nuances of user interaction with your product is pivotal. UserVista employs a refined ranking formula that evaluates your users based on their time on page, clicks, and engagement. They're then assigned a star ranking from one to five, which serves as a precursor to revealing just how satisfied your customers are with your offering.

In-App Surveys Boost Engagement

The thoughtfully designed in-app surveys are not just there for the show; they have a strategic purpose – to quintuple your response rate. They’re crafted from world-class templates that aid in pinpointing exactly what enhances NPS and what actions can help in reducing churn.

Groundbreaking Insights

With UserVista, you'll dive into an ocean of insights pointing directly to what might be amiss. This process is turbocharged with AI-powered analysis, seamlessly integrating user engagement rankings with their direct feedback. This duo of data and AI paves the way towards actionable findings.

Continuous Improvement Cycle

The journey doesn’t end with gathering insights. The tool encourages a methodical approach to apply these insights. Once the feedback is implemented, UserVista assists in monitoring the improvements in NPS and the subsequent reduction in user churn.

What the Users Say

Product managers and designers are recognizing UserVista's impact. From being "closer to our users" according to Pedro Barrett, or hailing the "responsive and helpful" support as noted by Annalisa Million, to Bertha Allen's appreciation for its "flexibility," UserVista stands verified by its users.

Transparent Pricing

UserVista caters to different needs through varying plans. Whether you're a startup or a large enterprise, there's a plan tailored for you. They also offer a free starter plan ideal for small startups, while the Pro and Elite plans come with advanced features like custom segments, API access, and a dedicated product manager.

Data Ownership and Accessibility

In alignment with ensuring users feel in full control, UserVista believes in the freedom of data. The platform ensures that your data remains your own, ready to be integrated with your favorite tools without hindrance.

Ready to explore how UserVista can transform your product experience? Take a step and book a demo to witness this tool in action, and see firsthand the potential it holds to refine your business approach and strengthen the bond with your user base.

Every product journey faces unique challenges, but with UserVista, you’ll have a vigilant, insightful guide every step of the way.

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