Say Hello to unSkript's Reliability Co-Pilot

Have you ever wished to troubleshoot performance hiccups, detect and fix issues ahead of your customers, and do all that without sacrificing the development speed and flexibility?

Look no further - unSkript has the perfect solution for you. Their Reliability Co-Pilot is an AI-fueled tool created to keep a watchful eye on your application's health, quickly detect bottlenecks, and assist you in resolving incidents before they escalate.

Proactive Health Checks

  • Traditional issue detection can often be reactive. However, with Reliability Co-Pilot, it’s time you stepped into the realm of proactive health checks. This tool is designed to prevent problems before they even emerge. You can now stay ahead in identifying and resolving issues before they start adversely affecting your user experience.

Effortless RCA (Root Cause Analysis)

  • Reliability Co-Pilot uses cutting-edge Generative AI to auto-complete your diagnosis and provide remediation strategies. Rely on its interactive Human-In-Loop user interface to keep control in your hands while the AI does all the heavy lifting.

Mistake Prevention

  • A single misconfigured or a misplaced script can sometimes be catastrophic to your system. unSkript's tool has pre-built, tested remediations that strike the precise balance between autonomy and control. Get ready for fewer emergency calls and more do-it-yourself solutions from your team.

What's in it for you?


  • Automation: Automate time-consuming manual checks and incident resolution tasks.
  • Real-time Intelligence: Receive real-time health checks and sleek workflows with Generative AI that's powered by Python.
  • Flexibility: Say goodbye to vendor lock-ins with this Python-based solution. Enjoy adaptability and freedom.


  • Complexity: Due to the advanced nature of this AI tool, it might be complex to initially wrap your head around it.
  • Resource Intensive: Implementing such an advanced tool could require a significant portion of your resources for training and maintenance.

In essence, unSkript's Reliability Co-Pilot is your friendly AI-powered companion in ensuring your application's reliability.Be it real-time health checks, easy-breezy incident management, or pre-emptive issue resolution, this tool brings you the best of both worlds – automation and real-time intelligence for the times where you need it the most.

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