Discover Unlost Beta: The Digital Memory Assistant for Your Computer

Have you ever wished for a digital companion to help you keep track of the countless details in your everyday digital life? Welcome to the world of Unlost, a tool designed to ensure that you never miss or forget any important information again. This intelligent software has found its way into the hearts of many users, and for a good reason.

Unlost acts like a memory palace, but without the steep learning curve that typically accompanies memory enhancement techniques. There's no need to spend four weeks mastering intricate systems, incessantly bookmark every webpage you visit, or jot down notes every time you find something noteworthy. Forget the hassle of clicking through numerous steps to find the piece of information you need, or the frustration of remembering the exact search terms you used.

How Does Unlost Work?

Unlost performs smartly by recognizing the layout and content of your screen. When you need to connect the dots, it's there to help you. You can perform searches using your own words, thanks to its natural language understanding, and use filters to narrow down the results to exactly what you're looking for.

Respect for Privacy and Simplicity

The team behind Unlost values your privacy and space. The tool will only record what you choose to capture; it halts any capturing activity if it detects copyrighted content, such as a Netflix show. Furthermore, all data collection, processing, and storage occur on your own machine, ensuring that your information remains within your control.

An Offline and Local Solution

With Unlost, all your data stays local to your device. There's no cloud element to worry about, which implies fewer security concerns. The software only requires an email address from you, and it keeps everything else private.

Custom Boundaries

The flexibility to choose what to capture empowers you to set your own boundaries. You can exclude specific applications or websites from being captured, or even disable screen recording completely whenever you prefer. Unlost already excludes password managers and private browsers by default as an extra measure of security.

Ease of Access

Unlost operates quietly in the background of your device, so disturbance is minimal. Searching for data is a breeze with a simple keyboard command, and there is no integration setup needed. The tool functions simply by observing your screen activity.

Powerful Features at Your Fingertips

With Unlost, you can search and filter your data using natural language, which makes it very user-friendly. If you're trying to locate a specific point from a user interview you conducted last week using Google Chrome, Unlost has got you covered.

If you often rely on familiar keyboard shortcuts, you'd be glad to know Unlost supports them as well. You can navigate results or reopen websites with ease. Plus, if you've ever needed a transcript from an online meeting, whether it was via Zoom, Google Meets, or Microsoft Teams, Unlost can help you search through those too.

Even capturing text from screenshots is made simple with Unlost; all you need to do is crop the area where the text is, and you're good to go.

Available Platforms and Further Inquiries

Currently, Unlost is ready for download for Mac M1/2, with plans for expansion to additional platforms in the future. If you have questions about platform support, storage usage, CPU/energy consumption, or data management, the Unlost FAQ page will provide answers.

For those who'd like to stay informed on the latest updates, keep an eye on their official releases and support channels. You can also connect with the Unlost team via Twitter and LinkedIn.


Unlost isn't just a tool; it's a new way to explore your cognitive capacity. By managing the smaller details, it enables you to focus on the more significant thoughts and ideas. If you're ready to elevate your digital productivity, consider giving Unlost a try.

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