Discover TurboScribe: The Ultimate Transcription Solution

In today's fast-paced world, the ability to quickly turn audio and video content into text is invaluable. Whether it's for business meetings, interviews, podcasts, or transcribing lectures, having an efficient transcription service can save you a ton of time and energy. This is where TurboScribe steps in – a transcription tool designed to cater to all your transcription needs.

What is TurboScribe?

TurboScribe is a transcription service that allows you to easily upload audio or video files and receive accurate transcripts within seconds. Here's a closer look at what TurboScribe has to offer:


99.8% Accuracy: With the backing of Whisper technology, TurboScribe provides one of the most accurate transcription services available, ensuring that you get precise text representations of your audio.


Supports 98+ Languages: The world is diverse, and so are languages. TurboScribe caters to a global audience by supporting over 98 languages, making it easy for users to transcribe content in almost any language they need.


Built-In Translation: With the ability to translate transcripts or subtitles to 134+ languages, you can transcribe and translate audio content effortlessly.


10 Hour Upload Capacity: Each audio file can be up to 10 hours long or 5GB in size. Furthermore, you can upload up to 50 files simultaneously, expediting the transcription process for bulk content.


Audio & Video Support: Whether it's an MP3, MP4, M4A, or any other common format, TurboScribe can handle it. You can upload your files without worrying about compatibility issues.


Export Options: Once your transcript is ready, you can export it in several formats, including DOCX, PDF, TXT, and subtitle formats like SRT and VTT. This makes it easy to use your transcripts across various platforms and for different purposes.

Private & Secure - Your data is your own, and TurboScribe ensures that it stays that way. With encrypted storage and a commitment to privacy, your files and transcripts are secure.

Pricing Plans

TurboScribe offers two primary pricing plans:


TurboScribe Free: Start without spending a penny and transcribe up to 4 files daily, with each file up to 30 minutes long.


TurboScribe Unlimited: For a monthly fee of $10 (or $120 when billed yearly), you get unlimited transcriptions, 10-hour uploads, priority processing, and access to all features.

Customer Feedback

TurboScribe's users have praised the tool for its speed, cost-effectiveness, and ability to handle large volumes of files. It has proved to be a game-changer for many professionals across various industries, from podcasting to medical reporting.

Pros & Cons


· High accuracy and supports a vast number of languages

· Can handle large files and bulk uploads

· Translates to multiple languages

· Secure and private


· Free version has daily and length limitations

· Paid subscription required for unlimited features


Whether you're transcribing for personal use or professional purposes, TurboScribe offers you a powerful and user-friendly platform, ensuring that your transcriptions are completed quickly, accurately, and in numerous languages. The software's scalability means it suits individuals who need to transcribe short files infrequently and professionals who require bulk transcriptions for extensive content.

For anyone interested in experiencing TurboScribe's capabilities, you can start transcribing for free - just sign up with an email address. Revolutionizing your transcribing process may be just a few clicks away.

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