wesome for today’s students that need a little extra help getting ready for college. It’s a free, AI-powered college counsellor that’s ready to help give advice and review your essays to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward and have the best chance of getting accepted to your dream college!


AI College Counselor

The main attraction is that Universis brings you advice specifically tailored to your college application process. It takes the information you give it and applies its knowledge to guide you at each step in your quest for a higher education.

Essay Reviews

On top of that, the AI provides helpful feedback on your essays. Whether it's grammar, structure, or general advice, this feature can be a game changer. Be sure to write the best essays possible with the AI's wisdom at your fingertips!


This tool is extremely user-friendly, simple to use, and available anywhere for students in need. It won't just help you get into your dream college, it'll provide peace of mind, too! You can access it wherever, whenever; whether you're sitting in your room or taking a break at your local coffee shop!


  • Accessible everywhere for every student
  • Free to use, so no bumps on the road to higher education
  • Provides expert advice and helpful essay reviews


  • It's an AI, so it's not a human, which can be a downside if you'd rather speak to someone in person
  • The tool's advice might be limited by a machine's understanding of your unique context and history

Univeris has got your back, make sure to give it a try and secure your future today!

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