Unity AI

Unity AI: The Next Level of Character Creation

Do you have a vision for a new game, but need some help bringing your characters to life? Or perhaps you're looking for ways to enhance user experiences through AI-powered tools. Look no further! With Unity AI, you can take your game creation to the next level using fully AI-driven characters and experiences.

Meet Orb: Your New Lovable NPC

Imagine a character who comes alive dynamically, from dialog voice to final animation, and all on the end-user's device. This is Orb, a fully AI-driven character created right here at Unity. We have utilized AI to develop this lovable NPC, making it easier for game creators to bring unique and engaging characters to their projects.

By incorporating AI into character creation, game developers have an opportunity to add an extra layer of authenticity and depth to their games. Orb is just the beginning of what's possible with Unity AI.

Unity Muse: Lightning Fast Development with AI

Unity Muse is another AI-driven tool designed to streamline game development. Fueled by next-generation AI, Muse allows creators of all skill levels to develop games and real-time 3D experiences lightning fast with simple text-based prompts. Whether you're new to game development or a seasoned pro, Unity Muse empowers you to harness the power of AI for your game creation needs.

Unity Sentis: Enhanced User Experiences

Want to enhance your game or app on user devices? Unity Sentis is here to help. With powerful cross-platform game engine integration, Sentis makes it easy to incorporate AI models in the Unity Runtime. By doing so, this tool greatly enhances your game or app, contributing to more immersive and engaging user experiences.

AI on the Unity Asset Store

Additionally, Unity AI offers a range of professional-quality Verified Solutions and community-built assets on the Unity Asset Store. This curated ecosystem of solutions is tailored specifically for AI-driven gamedev and gameplay, providing developers with the resources they need to bring their visions to life.

From character development to game enhancements, the Unity Asset Store offers an array of AI-driven tools and assets to take your game creation process to new heights.

Conclusion: The Power of Unity AI

By incorporating AI into character creation and game development, Unity is opening up new possibilities for creators of all levels. Whether it's bringing lovable characters like Orb to life, using AI to streamline game development with Muse, enhancing user experiences through Sentis, or tapping into the AI-driven resources on the Unity Asset Store, there's no denying the potential of Unity AI to transform the gaming landscape.


  • Streamlines and enhances character creation
  • Lightning fast development with AI prompts
  • Easy integration of AI models into user devices
  • Access to professional-quality AI-driven solutions and assets on the Unity Asset Store


  • Requires some level of familiarity with game development and AI integration
  • May not be suitable for creators who prefer entirely manual character development

If you're interested in taking your game development to the next level with AI-driven tools, Unity AI is the perfect companion for bringing your creative vision to life. With innovative solutions and powerful resources, Unity AI empowers you to create more immersive, engaging, and authentic gaming experiences.

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