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        uLog - The conversational journal. Unlock new insights with great questions from AI.
        For as little as $2/month, experience conversational journaling with an AI companion that's here to talk 24/7. Set reminders to
            chat with uLog and watch as it crafts detailed timelines about any subject you wish to explore.
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        How it Works, start conversational journaling!

            Choose a topic you want to track.
            Schedule recurring reminders for the topic.
            Your AI companion asks thoughtful questions about the topic and keeps the conversation going.
            After a certain number of questions, a summary is generated and added to your timeline.
            Review and edit your summaries any time to grow with your AI companion.


                Create Topic

                Reminder Settings

                Conversation Entry

                Chat Screen

        Amazing Features

                Create and manage multiple topics to explore different areas of your life.

                Customizable Reminders
                Schedule one or multiple alarms for each topic based on your convenience.

                Interactive AI Conversations
                Enjoy engaging conversations with our smart AI, designed to ask meaningful questions and learn
                    from your responses.

                Track your journey through an organized timeline that displays conversation summaries.

                Your data is yours. We do not share your data with anyone outside of partners we need to provide
                    this service.

                Web App
                An application-class experience from the web with our installable progressive web application.

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        Frequently Asked Questions

                What is uLog?

                    uLog is an AI-powered conversation companion helping people keep track of their thoughts,
                        ideas, and memories in a revolutionary way.

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