uJam AI

Discover the Melody of Your Mind with uJam

Have you ever had a melody trapped inside your head? uJam is a unique app that turns your text-based song ideas into actual music. This innovative tool offers a simple operation that doesn't require any complicated software or deep musical training. Whether you're a seasoned songwriter, a music enthusiast, or someone who gets struck by creative lightning, uJam is designed to give your musical concepts life.

Main Features:


Quick Song Creation: Just type in your song concept, select the generation length from the options of 30, 60, 90, or 120 seconds, and let the app work its magic.


Unique Output: Every time you use the same prompt, uJam surprises you with completely original and fresh tunes.


Effortless Sharing: Once your track is composed, you can download it and share your creative work with ease.


Keep Favorites Close: If you create something you're particularly fond of, you can bookmark it, ensuring swift access for any future replays.


Purchase More Credits: Your first credits are complimentary, but once they're used up, you can buy more to keep the muse flowing.


· Extremely user-friendly interface.

· Does not require any musical background to use.

· Facilitates creativity and song creation quickly.

· Personalized music generation for individual use cases.

· Features to bookmark and share compositions.


· The app is only available on the Apple App Store, limiting access for users on other platforms.

· While the first credits are free, continued use requires in-app purchases.

For anyone who has ever wanted to dip their toes into music creation without the need for an extensive setup, uJam serves as your friendly pocket composer. It stands ready to transform your lyrical visions into auditory reality. The app is regularly updated, with the latest update on November 21, 2023, squashing some minor bugs for an improved user experience.

Privacy is taken seriously with uJam. The app's practices are transparently communicated in their privacy policy, which provides details on how your data might be used.

For those interested, uJam is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and it requires iOS 12.0 or later versions for proper operation.

If you would like to explore this app, you can find uJam on the App Store. Anyone wishing to embark on a unique journey into the realm of music creation can start with uJam—an app that truly gives voice to your creative spark.

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