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November 22, 2023

Time Creator offers pricing plans for creators and teams of all sizes. You can try out UGC Scripts and get 15 free scripts to start. The pricing options include a 14-day trial, Starter for $9 per month with 15 scripts, Hobbyist for $19 per month with 50 scripts, Creator for $29 per month with 100 scripts, and Agency options for high-volume creators.

Are you a content creator facing challenges in coming up with engaging ideas for your videos or social media posts? UGC Scripts is an AI-powered tool designed to help content creators save time and overcome creative blocks. It can streamline the creative process, enabling you to focus on creating content and growing your UGC business.

UGC Scripts simplifies the process for content creation. You input brand details, provide context, polish your script, and save it for future use. Our pricing plans cater to creators and teams of all sizes, with a 15-script trial available. We also offer testimonials from satisfied customers, such as Brian Campbell, Co-Founder of Toktent, who has seen significant time savings using UGC Scripts.

Ready to enhance your content creation process? Give UGC Scripts a try and experience the power of AI to boost your creativity.

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