Discover a New Way to Play with Sounds

Music sampling can often feel like a chore, but imagine a world where 200,000+ samples are at your fingertips to remix, reimagine, and revitalize into your own unique creations. With an AI-powered music sampling tool, artists, producers, and music enthusiasts can dig into an extensive catalogue that houses all sorts of sounds, from R&B loops to the ambient echoes of nature.

Explore an Extensive Catalogue

The ease of access to a variety of sounds empowers artists to craft their works with precision. With packs from verified artists like Amiata Records, kaiiondabeat, and august 24th, you find not only quality but also a range of genres and styles. Here are some highlights from the catalogue:

  • Asia Blue: Dive into this sample pack courtesy of Amiata Records for a taste of exotic melodies and rhythms.
  • Eternity Vol. 2: YP offers trap enthusiasts a treasure trove of nostalgic piano loops.
  • luv me a little more: kaii provides silky smooth R&B samples for soul-stirring creations.
  • Algo Ritmo: If you're after something that blends the algorithmic with the rhythmic, Amiata Records has you covered.
  • Smoked (Drill Loops): Savant takes on the Drill genre with a sample pack full of ethnic vibes and edgy vocals.

Seamless Integration with Your Workflow

One of the remarkable features of this tool is the easy-to-download plugin that integrates seamlessly into your existing production setup. It's about enhancing the creative process, not restructuring it.

The Flip Side

While an AI-powered tool can offer countless samples and an ease of integration, there are always two sides to every coin:

  • Vast library of high-quality samples
  • Diverse range of genres and styles
  • Verified packs from professional artists
  • User-friendly interface that simplifies the sampling process
  • Dependency on internet connection for access to the catalogue
  • It might be overwhelming for beginners to navigate through the vast options
  • Potential for similar sounding productions if producers over-rely on popular packs

Dive Into Creativity

Whether you're a seasoned producer or just starting out, this tool opens up a new realm of possibilities. It eliminates the barriers that often accompany sampling and provides an extensive library that continues to inspire.


Sampling doesn't have to be a tedious search through dusty crates or endless online databases. With this innovative tool, the world of sound is curated, accessible, and ready to be transformed into the next big hit. Take the leap and let your creativity bloom with an endless assortment of samples that breathe life into your musical vision.

Get Started

To explore the catalogue and learn more about how the tool can fit into your creative process, visit their website and join the community Discord for discussions and updates. Stay connected with fellow creators and always be in the loop for new sample packs and features.

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