Simplifying Customer Support with AI Chatbots

In the realm of customer service and team productivity, artificial intelligence has made significant strides. With TutGPT, creating an efficient AI assistant for your website becomes a reality — streamlining how you interact with your customers and supporting your team.

Building Your Personalized AI Chatbot

Crafting your own AI chatbot with TutGPT is straightforward. By integrating your own content and documentation, the system allows the chatbot to deliver precise answers to client inquiries.

Step-by-Step Chatbot Creation

Input Your Data To start, simply enter your content through a URL or by uploading documents. This ensures that the answers provided by the chatbot are specifically tailored to your product or service.

Training Your Bot Once you upload your content, the AI starts to learn instantly, training your chatbot to respond accurately to questions.

Embark with Your Chatbot In just a few clicks, you can now integrate your ready-to-go, customized chatbot on your website using a fully customizable widget.

Unleash Your AI's Potential with Powerful Features

Effortless Integration Easily bring your documentation, blog posts, and other content into the system and deploy your chatbot wherever needed with user-friendly widgets.

Content Versatility Whether it’s text documents, HTML, PDFs, or, soon, YouTube videos, your content is transformed into a knowledge base for your chatbot, ensuring comprehensive support.

Flexible Pricing for Every Business

TutGPT caters to a diverse clientele with various pricing plans. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or leading a growing enterprise, there’s a package for you. The options range from a basic chatbot plan to advanced setups with multiple bots, extensive analytics, and customizable features.

Sample Pricing Plans

· Starter: Ideal for quick answers with a basic bot.

· Pro: Great for individuals and small businesses starting out.

· Business: For larger operations aiming to reduce support costs significantly.

Experience it First: The Free Trial

Curious about TutGPT? You can explore the service with the trial option without any commitment or credit card details. It lets you dip your toes into the AI chatbot world, training up to 50 pages of content.

Setting Your Chatbot to Multilingual Mode

One of the remarkable things about TutGPT is its linguistic capability. Not only does it excel in English, but it also supports languages like Arabic. So, no matter the language your customers speak, you can provide them with the assistance they need.

Customer Service at Your Fingertips

Should questions arise, the TutGPT support team is ready to assist. All it takes is an email, and they will provide you with the help you need.

By implementing TutGPT

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