Discover Tuliaa: Your Path to Emotional Clarity and Self-Discovery

In an age where mental health awareness is on the rise, understanding and managing our emotions is more important than ever. Tuliaa offers a unique experience for those seeking to deepen their self-awareness and cultivate emotional well-being.

What is Tuliaa?

Tuliaa is an innovative tool designed to aid in the journey towards self-awareness. It provides users with resources to identify and define a vast array of emotions, paving the way for better communication and personal growth.

Features of Tuliaa


Identify Emotions: Using an interactive emotional wheel and classifier, Tuliaa helps you label what you're feeling with greater precision. This feature is especially helpful for those moments when you're struggling to put your emotions into words.


Define Emotions: Beyond identification, Tuliaa offers comprehensive definitions for over 1,000 emotions. These include detailed explanations, related sensations, and more, allowing you to understand your emotions on a deeper level.


Personalized Introspection: The AI chat-bot within Tuliaa is designed to ask probing questions that inspire reflection and self-insight. This can lead to powerful revelations and a more thorough understanding of your inner world.


Guided R.A.I.N Exercise: Tuliaa comes with a mindfulness exercise known as R.A.I.N (Recognize, Allow, Investigate, Non-Identification), which guides you through a process of calmly acknowledging and examining your emotions.

Why Use Tuliaa?

Tuliaa's mission is anchored in the belief that emotional control begins with awareness. By using Tuliaa, you stand to gain:

· Improved communication skills

· Enhanced ability to navigate through tough times

· Better understanding of personal boundaries

· Deeper comprehension of others

· A general feeling of improved emotional well-being

Get Started with Tuliaa

Embracing your emotional landscape is a courageous step towards personal development. Tuliaa offers a user-friendly interface to begin this exploration. You can start by trying out the emotional wheel or diving straight into a reflective chat with the AI bot.

A Word of Caution

While Tuliaa is a valuable tool for emotional growth, it's important to note that it is not an alternative to professional mental health treatment. The app serves to assist users in processing their emotions healthily but does not diagnose or treat mental health conditions.

Should you ever find yourself in a crisis, or if you need specialized care, it's critical to reach out to a mental health professional or local emergency services.


In the quest for self-awareness and emotional intelligence, Tuliaa stands out as a gentle guide. It assists users in understanding their feelings, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling life. By acknowledging our emotions and learning to express them effectively, we open the door to a more harmonious existence. So why not take the first step on this journey with Tuliaa?

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