Are you a Twitch streamer looking for new ways to entertain your audience? Introducing TTSLabs, a Text-to-Speech service that combines the power of artificial intelligence to give your viewers an experience they won't forget. With TTSLabs, you'll be able to customize your Text to Speech, enable custom voices, and add unique sound clips without a hassle. Here's a brief peek at the features and functionalities offered by TTSLabs:


Desktop App

  • Handle Text to Speech playback and management in one place.
  • Customize prices, voices, sound clips, and more with ease.

Faster than Real-time Processing

  • Generate 20 seconds of audio in less than 3 seconds.

Custom Viewers Guide

  • Allow viewers to check enabled alerts, voices, sound clips, and minimum values for Text to Speech.

Sync with Streamlabs or StreamElements

  • Connect the desktop app with Streamlabs or StreamElements to control Text to Speech donations through your dashboard.

Profanity Settings

  • Manage allowed donations with preset levels of profanity and custom profanity filters.

Sound Clips

  • Add unique sound clips to elevate the creativity of Text to Speech donations for your viewers.

Unique Voices Get access to numerous unique voices that you can incorporate into your streams. Here are a few that are sure to enhance the entertainment in your streams:

  • Mizki
  • Kratos
  • Alinity
  • Glados
  • Poseidon
  • Maven …and many more!

Interested in TTSLabs? If you're fascinated and ready to take your Twitch streams to the next level, connect with TTSLabs and get access to Text-to-Speech with a variety of unique voices and awesome features. Check out their official website and get access to an array of impressive tools to make your streams more engaging, entertaining, and unforgettable. Think of the possibilities!

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