Do you have valuable knowledge and a collection of content, but not enough time and resources to fully utilize it? Maybe you find yourself answering the same questions repeatedly, taking away from more meaningful work. Astral, a new tool, could be just what you need. It offers a way to scale your knowledge.

What is Astral?

  • AI-Powered Learning Engine: Astral transforms your articles, newsletters, podcasts, books, or courses into an interactive learning engine. Even when you're not physically present, your audience can still benefit from your expertise.
  • Actionable Content: Your audience can apply what they learn immediately, enhancing their learning experience.
  • Respects Your Privacy: With Astral, you retain ownership of your content, providing an alternative to platforms that scrape and profit from your insights.


  • Passive Revenue: Generate earnings from your existing content, allowing you to broaden your impact and help more people.
  • Customer Insights: Get real-time feedback on what's working, where people are getting stuck, and what they find valuable, empowering your content engine's growth.


  • Personalized Interactions: Some clients might still require personal interactions for more tailored advice, despite the tool's broad accessibility.
  • Set-Up Time: Depending on the complexity of your content library and the desired customization, setting up the tool may require initial time and effort.

How Does Astral Work?

Astral allows you to upload any type of content - videos, podcasts, articles, or eBooks. It's trained on your content sources, guaranteeing that it uses your words to answer people's questions.

Is It a Full Replacement for Personal Interactions with Clients?

Astral is designed to complement and expand your reach, rather than completely replacing personal interaction. It's a way to make your expertise more accessible.

Privacy and Ownership

Your content remains yours. With increasing concerns about privacy and data ownership, Astral is built to protect your intellectual property and ensure you benefit from the value you create.

Final Words

In a time where AI tools are beginning to replace human interactions, Astral is a platform that puts humans first. It empowers creators and maintains the bond between you and your audience. If you've been wondering how to expand your reach and earn passive revenue from your expertise, consider getting early access to Astral. It's your impact, multiplied.

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