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Discover Your Next Look with Hair by AI

Exploring new hairstyles can be an exciting and transformative experience. Fortunately, advances in technology have made experimentation much simpler and incredibly fun! Hair by AI is a personal hairstyle assistant powered by artificial intelligence, crafted to introduce you to styles you've yet to imagine.

How It Works

Choose Your Ideal Hairstyle

Unlock your potential and dive into a collection of over 500 fresh and trending hairstyles. Whether it's for your big day or a casual reinvention, Hair by AI boasts a vast array of options to suit any occasion.

Upload Your Photos

Snap and upload between 10 to 30 pictures of yourself for optimal results. To ensure precision, it's important that the photos focus on you. This means cropping any extras out of the frame.

Download and Celebrate Your New Style

Once the AI does its magic, you can download the envisioned hairstyles. These renderings are not just for your amusement – share them with your stylist or beautician and watch the virtual become reality!

Benefits for Professionals

Beauty industry professionals can join Hair by AI's free Partner Program. This initiative offers salon owners, stylists, and beauticians a chance to enhance their services while enjoying the perks of:

  • Additional income and client referrals.
  • Elevated client satisfaction with advanced previews of styles.
  • An edge over competition by utilizing cutting-edge technology.

Answers to Your Questions

Privacy and Photo Usage

Your photos are used only to sculpt your desired looks. Post-creation, Hair by AI ensures the images are deleted, prioritizing your privacy.


Static and cartoonish results are things of the past. Hair by AI's realistic renditions set it apart from other apps, allowing a seamless transition from virtual to actual styling.

Data Security

With servers securely housed in the United States and managed by trusted partners, your data remains protected. Rigorous standards are met to ensure these partners align with our commitment to security.

Payment and Refunds

Transactions are processed via Stripe, a reliable payment platform. Should you change your mind, refunds are possible within the initial 14-day window, provided the AI model has not been trained.


While AI-generated images aim to mirror your likeness, they may vary in capturing every detail accurately. When selecting styles, choose representations closest to your physical features for the best results.

File Compatibility

The system accepts JPG, PNG, WebP, and HEIC formats to accommodate your photo submissions.

Expectation Setting

It is essential to note that while AI provides a glimpse into how a hairstyle might look on you, replicating a hairstyle from a model with absolute precision is challenging. Consider these styles a guiding inspiration rather than an exact blueprint.

Embracing the Future of Styling

Hair by AI is more than just a tool; it's a window into the future of hair fashion. It offers a playful yet practical way to preview countless hairstyles without the commitment of a cut. If you've been dreaming of a hair transformation or simply want to step up your styling game, Hair by AI is a companion worth considering. For more information on how Hair by AI can revolutionize your hair experience, visit their official website.

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