Trove: A New Way to Engage with Surveys

In the landscape of feedback collection, it's typical to encounter the traditional, often bland survey forms that both respondents and organizers have grown weary of. Enter Trove, a platform that reimagines this process by employing artificial intelligence to create an engaging, conversational experience. With Trove, boredom is replaced with interaction, vastly improving the quality of feedback.

Why Choose Trove?


For Product Experience: Crafting an engaging product experience requires understanding your customers deeply. Trove facilitates this by offering insights into user interactions and market demands. It's tailored to enhance customer engagement and loyalty.


For Employee Experience: Employee input is crucial for a thriving workplace. Trove supports various HR processes including hiring, onboarding, evaluations, and even gathers exit feedback. Implementing such AI-supported check-ins promotes a productive and empowered workforce.


For Customer Experience: Customers are the lifeblood of any business, and understanding their journey is paramount. Trove aids in measuring efforts through scores like CES, CSAT, and NPS alongside customer exit surveys ensuring every touchpoint contributes to a holistic view of customer satisfaction.

Setting Up With Ease

One of the significant advantages of Trove is the simplicity of getting started. Within five minutes, you can have your conversational survey ready to roll out. This ease of setup ensures that you can concentrate more on what the feedback tells you, rather than the logistics of collecting it.

Intelligent Insights

The AI capabilities of Trove don't stop at merely asking questions. They extend to analyzing responses and offering summarized insights. This feature means you get to enjoy:


Comprehensive Conversation Summary: A full overview of the conversation ensuring no detail is missed.


Curated Answer Snippets: Key responses are highlighted, making it easy to spot important feedback.


Insightful Engagement Metrics: Measure engagement levels with smart metrics that offer a deeper understanding of respondent interaction.

Pros and Cons of Trove


· Engaging AI-powered conversations that reduce survey fatigue.

· Quick setup process allowing you to gather feedback efficiently.

· Advanced analytics that transform responses into actionable insights.

· Useful for both internal and external feedback collection.


· New users may require time to familiarize themselves with AI-powered survey logic.

· Depending on its application, the conversational format might not suit all types of survey requirements.

Are you interested in elevating your feedback game? Trove is eager to provide an effortless and insightful survey experience. Starting is free, and you can find more information by contacting or visiting their website. With Trove, data collection transforms into a conversation worth having.

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