trendmate.xyzAboutFeaturesBlogSign UpYour content creator assistant 🧑Get Inspired with Social Media Prompts and Boost Your Online Presence!Try now for free! ✨Don't burn yourself out 🔥Use wherever you want!Calling all content creators, influencers and marketers!🤯Do you ever experience 'writer's block'? At we hate that word. Use our idea generator to get back to doing what you do best.We put in the effort making it responsive on all devices 🤓We had a very keen eye for detail with We wanted to make sure that you can use it on your Motorola e7i (yes they still make phones apparently) or your new Space Grey MacBook Pro 13".Ideas in seconds ⏰No more guesswork in generating ideas1Enter what you wantSimply start by entering what type of content you want to make, your industry and how many prompts you want.2Save your fave ideasSave your favourite ideas in a gallery that can contain all the ideas you've come across.3Get to workAccess your saved list and start making the content or save it for later! Here’s some more things you’ll love 💖We will always make sure that will give you what you needAccessible on all devicesWe put in the effort to make sure that is accessible on all devices.Dark designThe sunlight hurts out eyes a bit too much… Dark mode is trendier.Up to date contentWe use the latest information from ChatGPT3.5Pricing 💰 is free to use, however you unlock additional features with premiumFreeGenerate ideas from simple prompts$0.99Save and mark your ideas as done! View your entire saved library whenever you

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