If you've ever had to deal with hours of audio or video recordings that need transcribing, you're not alone. Whether you're a busy professional, researcher, or student facing the tedious task of transcription, you often wish there was a way to make it easier. Well, as close to magic as it may seem, there's an AI-powered tool that can do just that - is here to turn your audio and video content into text quickly, affordably, and with high accuracy.

Why Choose for Transcription?


Swift and Accurate Transcription: No more spending endless hours manually transcribing recordings. Thanks to the power of AI, can transcribe a one-hour recording in just 5-10 minutes with impressive accuracy.


Handles Large Files With Ease: You can transcribe audio files up to 2 GB in size with no limits on the duration, as long as the file size does not exceed the maximum allowed.


YouTube Transcription Made Easy: Need to transcribe a YouTube video? Simply copy and paste the link, and will take care of the rest.


User-Friendly and Affordable: The tool is straightforward to use - just upload your file or paste a YouTube link and wait for the transcription to be completed. The cost is quite easy on the wallet, too, at only IDR 15,000 (about USD 1) per transcription.

User Satisfaction

The feedback from users speaks volumes about the effectiveness of


"File of 200mb, 40 minutes long, done flawlessly. Just IDR 15,000 per file! 👍" – Jaka


"The AI saved me from near doom :) Transcription is now a breeze; just needs a bit of tidying up 💕" – @dyanaislamiya


"Really helps someone like me who hates listening to their own voice" – yas🌹

With such endorsements, this tool is not only practical but is becoming an essential utility for anyone in need of transcription services. It's not just a favorite among general users but has also charmed professionals and academics with its utility.

Pros and Cons


· Saves time and effort

· High accuracy level

· Supports large files and unlimited duration

· Direct transcription from YouTube links

· Affordable pricing


· May require some proofreading post-transcription

· Accuracy may vary depending on audio quality seems like a blessing for all who are looking to transcribe audio and video content without breaking the bank or wasting precious time. It's a testament to how AI technology can make everyday tasks a lot easier and more efficient. As the tool continues to improve and evolve, it's clear that it's carving out a space as an indispensable asset in the toolkits of students, professionals, and content creators alike.

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