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Transcribe and Caption Everything

May 17, 2024
Transcribe and Caption Everything

Are you tired of mishearing conversations or missing out on important information in meetings and interviews? has the perfect solution for you! This incredible tool uses the power of AI to provide accurate captions and transcriptions for all audio on your computer and microphone, without requiring an internet connection.

How It Works works on your device, transcribing audio quickly and accurately, making sure you never miss out on important information. You don't need to worry about your data being sent to the cloud; the tool is completely private and ensures the security of your conversations. The AI technology deeply understands your dialogue and adapts to the context of the conversation, providing unmatched accuracy.

For Everyone

This tool was created by the hearing impaired, with a focus on providing the most accurate and valuable results every time. Unlike many other caption and transcription tools, doesn't rely on constant internet access, making it a convenient and reliable choice for anyone.

Pros and Cons


· Accurate and reliable caption and transcription tool

· Powered by AI, providing best-in-class accuracy

· No internet connection required


· Limited compatibility with platforms (currently available only on MacOS)

Don't miss out on another conversation or be left in the dark due to poor hearing. Try now for free to experience industry-leading AI live caption generation. Download it today and see the difference in your conversations and work!

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