Torq AI

Are you looking for a tool to boost your productivity and efficiency? Consider Torq AI, a productivity assistant powered by advanced AI technology. Let's explore the features that make Torq AI a useful tool for anyone striving to work smarter.

Efficient Email Communication

  • Streamlined Email Generation: Generate emails quickly with just one click.
  • Automated Reply Generation: Generate prompt replies to incoming emails with a single click.

Powerful Text Processing

  • Swift Text Analysis: Process text rapidly for accurate and efficient results.
  • Language Translation: Translate text into your preferred language for easy comprehension.

Integrated ChatGPT and Google Searches

  • Seamless ChatGPT Integration: Enjoy interactive conversations with ChatGPT.
  • Instant Google Search Results: Access relevant information from Google directly within the chat interface.

Data Insights

  • Unleashing the Power of Statistics: Gain empowering insights from data to inform your decision-making and strategy.

Users Experience Unparalleled Productivity Boost with Torq Users have been pleased with the powerful features of Torq AI, citing its ability to increase their productivity with ease. You can experience Torq AI for free without any financial commitment. Whether you're an individual or a business, Torq AI empowers you to reach your goals at no cost.


  • Saves time by streamlining email generation and reply generation
  • Facilitates swift text analysis and language translation
  • Offers seamless integration of ChatGPT and Google searches
  • Provides empowering insights from data to inform decision-making


  • Limited to Google Chrome users only
  • Requires an internet connection to access its features

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