ToobSquid: Your AI-Driven YouTube Assistant

Navigating the world of YouTube can be daunting, especially when it comes to getting your content noticed. Now, imagine having a personal assistant to help you craft the perfect video metadata. That's where ToobSquid comes in—an innovative tool designed to help YouTubers enhance their videos with AI-generated titles, descriptions, timestamps, and hashtags.

How Does ToobSquid Work?

ToobSquid simplifies the content creation process by generating catchy titles and detailed descriptions that mirror the key points in your video. This AI-powered tool also adds relevant timestamps, making it easier for viewers to navigate through your content.

Here's how it operates:

Step 1: Upload Your Video

Begin by uploading your YouTube video as unlisted.

Step 2: Provide the Video URL

Next, enter the URL of your YouTube video into ToobSquid's prompt—make sure it's from your channel.

Step 3: Observe the Magic

Watch as the AI analyzes your video and comes up with compelling metadata, which could significantly boost your visibility on the platform.

Customization with Power Options

ToobSquid offers advanced features to personalize your results. You can adjust adjectives for tone or tweak keyword considerations to align with your content strategy.

Adjectives and Tonality

Choose the right adjectives to capture the essence of your video.

Keyword Considerations

Fine-tune your metadata to target specific keywords for SEO.

Pricing Plans Tailored to Your Needs

· Growing: Ideal for starters, offering free title generation three times a week for 10-minute videos on one channel.

· Established: Priced at £9.99, with 50 title generations per month, advanced options, and suited for one channel.

· Pro: At £19.99, it provides 150 title generations, team access, unlimited channels, and advanced features for seasoned creators.

Each plan is designed with flexibility in mind, with monthly and discounted annual options available.

Get The Results You Need

If the generated metadata doesn't meet your satisfaction, you can regenerate as many times as your plan permits. Simply review your requests and choose the best one for your video. In the event that you need to claim or dispute a channel, ToobSquid offers support to resolve the issue efficiently.

The Tech Behind the Tool

ToobSquid operates using a GPT-3 model to analyze the audio dialogue from your video, evaluating the sentiment and context. This analysis then informs the tool to produce a set of metadata tailored to improve your video's search rankings.

Friendly Tips for Optimal Results

· To see good results, use videos that are at least five minutes long with plenty of dialogue.

· Ensure that you speak clearly and the audio quality is high to facilitate better analysis.

This handy tool even allows you to work with unlisted videos, enabling you to perfect your metadata before going public.

ToobSquid is not just a convenience; it's a game-changer for content creators looking to optimize their YouTube presence. By leveraging AI technology, you can focus on creating high-quality content while ToobSquid takes care of making it discoverable and appealing to your target audience.

Interested in seeing the difference ToobSquid can make for your channel? Check out the demo and explore the functionalities yourself.

Developed with care by Jupiter and the Giraffe x The Full Stack Agency in 2023, ToobSquid aspires to be your go-to YouTube assistant. See what it’s all about, and take your YouTube channel to the next level. For more information, visit ToobSquid’s privacy policy, terms and conditions, or contact page.

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