Meet TolyGPT: Your Codebase Documentation Assistant

Are you tired of spending hours documenting your codebase? TolyGPT is your new documentation assistant powered by ChatGPT. TolyGPT is an AI chatbot that has been trained to understand and analyze the entire Solana validator codebase. It can quickly read through the code and generate comprehensive documentation, saving you time and effort.

Here's how TolyGPT can help you:

Understand Your Codebase TolyGPT can provide detailed explanations and insights into the functionality of the codebase. Whether you're a new team member trying to get up to speed or an experienced developer seeking clarification, TolyGPT is here to help.

Generate Documentation TolyGPT can automatically generate documentation for your codebase. This tool can help you maintain up-to-date, consistent, and thorough documentation for your projects.

Autodoc: Open Source Core The core of TolyGPT, known as Autodoc, is now open source. Join the community on Discord to learn more about Autodoc and how it can benefit your projects.

Stay Updated You can stay updated on the latest developments by following Sam Hogan. You'll receive insights into new features, improvements, and capabilities of TolyGPT.

Interested in using TolyGPT for your codebase? You can apply for access to this powerful documentation tool and streamline your development process.

Pros and Cons Pros

  • Saves time by quickly generating comprehensive documentation
  • Understands and analyzes the entire codebase
  • Open source core (Autodoc) allows for community contributions and improvements
  • Continuously evolving with updates and new features


  • Is currently trained on the Solana validator codebase, which may limit its full applicability for other codebases
  • Access to the tool may require an application process, potentially limiting immediate access

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