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Tutorial: Harnessing an AI-Powered Teaching Assistant

Welcome to our guide on leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance your educational toolbox. Below, you'll find a step-by-step walkthrough of how to use an AI-driven platform to create captivating, customized lesson materials that will engage your students and streamline your planning process.

Getting Started

Before you can harness the power of AI for your classroom, you’ll need to sign up:

1. Register: Access the platform by creating an account. Start with the free plan which allows you to explore the basic features at no cost.

2. Login: Once registered, log in to your account to access the dashboard where the magic happens.

Planning Lessons with AI

The AI lesson planner is designed to help you construct your lessons in a snap:

1. Start Your Lesson Plan: Click on the 'Create a Lesson Plan' button.

2. Align With Curriculum: Ensure that your lesson aligns with the curriculum by customizing the provided outline.

3. Add Materials: Use the AI to generate exercises and worksheets, or customize over 500 ready-made materials.

Crafting Engaging Materials

Explore a plethora of features to create diverse and interactive content:

· Transform Videos Into Worksheets: Use the 'Youtube zu Arbeitsblatt' option to convert educational videos into engaging worksheets.

· Diagrams and Mind Maps: Boost comprehension and visualization of complex topics with 'Arbeiten mit Diagrammen’ or 'Mindmaps/Tafelbilder'.

· Language Skill Exercises: Build proficiency with 'Grammatik Aufgaben’, 'Vokabeltests', and 'Reading Comprehension' exercises.

Find more subject-specific materials here.

Adapting to Student Levels

This platform offers the flexibility to cater to individual student learning levels:

· Multiple Language Levels: Tailor materials to fit different language abilities by adjusting complexity.

· Engaging Formats: Keep the interest high with formats like simulated WhatsApp chats and other themed exercises.

Integration and Formats

Ensure seamless integration with your existing systems:

· H5P Compatibility: Conveniently integrate created content into your Learning Management System (LMS) with H5P ready materials.

Understanding Pricing Plans

Choose a plan that fits your needs:

· Free Plan: Ideal for light users, offering limited access to features.

· Starter: Upgrade when you need more content and access to gamification options and premium worksheets.

· Pro: For full access with the highest amount of content creation including lesson plans, exercises, and worksheets.

Discounts are available, particularly for students and trainee teachers. Reach out to the platform's support for more details o

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