Meet TicketGenius: Your AI Assistant for Jira Ticketing

Managing a project involves keeping track of numerous tasks and issues, which can often be time-consuming and complex. TicketGenius is designed to streamline your project management workflow within Jira Cloud by leveraging AI to assist in creating comprehensive and well-structured tickets.

What TicketGenius Offers

· AI-Crafted Tickets: Simply add a brief task description on your project page, hit submit, and watch as TicketGenius generates a thoroughly formatted ticket complete with all the necessary details.

· Tickets with Extras: Not only does TicketGenius create your main story ticket, but it can also automatically generate related subtasks, giving you a full view of what needs to be done.

· A Smart Issue Panel: Divide your bigger user stories into smaller, more workable tickets or let TicketGenius identify and connect the ticket to the respective epic.

Upcoming Features

The team at TaskTuna is actively working on bringing even more AI-powered features to TicketGenius. This means you can expect an evolving tool that continues to make project ticketing even easier.

Privacy and Security

TicketGenius has a dedicated tab providing extensive information about its privacy, security, data handling, and compliance practices.

· Privacy Policy: TicketGenius adheres to its own privacy policy, ensuring your data is handled with care.

· Security: While it is not part of the Marketplace Bug Bounty program, TicketGenius ensures the security aspect is covered adequately.

Integration with Jira

TicketGenius seamlessly integrates with your Atlassian product and is equipped to:

· View and manage issue properties.

· Read project and issue data, conduct searches, and manage associated objects like attachments and worklogs.

· View profile details for the logged-in user.

· Create and edit issues, post comments, log work, and even delete issues as required.

How TicketGenius Works

Imagine the ease of going to your project page, typing a brief description of your task, and with one submit action getting a completely formed ticket. It's made possible with TicketGenius. You can even specify if you want subtasks from the get-go.

Pros and Cons


· Saves time by automating ticket creation.

· Enhances ticket formatting and organization.

· Continuously updated with new features.

· Provides extra information with a dedicated privacy and security section.


· It is currently tailored only for Jira Cloud users.

· Since it’s not a part of the Bug Bounty program, some users might have concerns over security.

Getting Started

To get started with TicketGenius, head over to the Atlassian Marketplace and try it out. The intuitive and user-friendly nature of this tool could mean less time managing tickets and more time focusing on your project's success.

For more details or to view some helpful images that illustrate TicketGenius in action, you can visit TaskTuna's vendor page on the Atlassian Marketplace.

By integrating TicketGenius into your workflow, you're choosing to innovate how you handle project management, ensuring greater efficiency and a smoother process from start to finish.

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