The Interview

Are you tired of sifting through countless resumes and conducting endless interviews in your quest to find the perfect candidate for your open position? The Interview is here to revolutionize the way you hire.

This AI-powered platform streamlines the recruitment process by allowing companies to create custom job listings and add interview questions tailored to their specific needs. Candidates can then apply and record their answers in the form of asynchronous videos, saving time for both the candidate and the company.

Advantages for Candidates

  • Ability to record asynchronous videos and complete the entire application process through a mobile device
  • More convenient and efficient application process
  • Record answers at their own pace and on their own time

Advantages for Companies

  • Ability to review candidate responses and make informed hiring decisions from a mobile device
  • Keep the hiring process moving and make decisions quickly

The Interview also features a built-in rating system, allowing companies to easily evaluate and compare candidates by rating them based on qualifications, skills, and responses. This user-friendly feature streamlines the hiring process, making it easy to find the perfect fit for open positions and to make informed decisions.

Privacy and Security Features

  • Privacy-focused: No sharing or selling of data to third parties, and no use of data for targeted advertising
  • Passwordless authentication: Utilizes magic links, eliminating the need for passwords
  • Secure file storage: Uses decentralized storage, reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access

The Interview's asynchronous video feature has received praise from business owners, with one executive director calling it a game-changer that saves time and allows for thorough candidate evaluations.

To experience the power of The Interview and take your hiring process to the next level, sign up now and experience the convenience and efficiency of finding the perfect candidates. Made with love in Prishtina, The Interview is here to simplify your recruitment journey.

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