The Forge

AI-Powered Tool: The Forge

Create your own AI-based applications without coding using The Forge. Whether it's for personal use, sharing, or monetization, The Forge has you covered.

Key Features


  • No coding needed to create AI applications.
  • Preview your progress within the editor.


  • Start from scratch or use templates for inspiration.


  • Easily revert back to previous versions.


  • Share your AI application with everyone or privately through a direct link.
  • Integrate your application with platforms like Wordpress, React, Iframes, and more.


  • Explore and try what others have created.
  • Sell your own applications through the marketplace.

Stripe Integration

  • Connect your account to Stripe for easy transactions.

Example Apps

Check out apps like the Children Book Maker and Recipe Maker to see what you can create with The Forge.


Get early access to The Forge's editor for free and share your creations easily. Follow us on Twitter for updates.

Pros and Cons


  • No coding needed, accessible to many.
  • Templates and versioning streamline creation.
  • Integration options for various platforms.
  • Access to a marketplace.


  • Limited AI models available.
  • Some limitations for complex applications.

The Forge unleashes creativity for developers of all levels. Sign up for free and start building today!

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