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The Fastest Way To Write Copy For Your Website

May 17, 2024
The Fastest Way To Write Copy For Your Website

In the world of web design, text is a crucial element that shapes the user experience. Crafting compelling copy can be time-consuming and waiting for clients to provide content often leads to project delays. But what if there was a way to cut down on the wait and generate engaging content effortlessly? Introducing Relume Ipsum – a remarkable tool that elevates your design process by seamlessly integrating copywriting into your workflow.

Relume Ipsum is engineered specifically for designers who want to maintain focus on their creative work without the interruption of having to write copy. It's an AI-driven solution that not only helps you say farewell to the days of using placeholder Lorem Ipsum text but also enhances your design with context-relevant content.

Tailored for Figma Users

If you're using Figma for your design projects, Relume Ipsum is a dream come true. It operates within Figma itself, meaning you won't have to juggle between multiple applications to get your copy in place. With simple steps, you can create accurately described company content, or any other text, directly onto your canvas.

1. Lock and Unlock Text Layers: Preserve certain parts of your copy by locking text layers, so they're not overwritten. Then, unlock layers as needed to allow the AI to populate them with fresh content.

2. Context-Aware Generation: When you provide a brief description of what the company does, the AI uses that context to generate suitable text, ensuring consistency and relevance.

3. Expand Your Offerings: With Relume Ipsum, you can confidently add copywriting to your list of services, backed by AI's ability to create cohesive and appealing text.

Writing Copy is Now Easier

The tool simplifies the copywriting process with a feature that lets you improve existing text based on specific prompts. Need the copy to be shorter? More friendly? Maybe even translated into French? Relume Ipsum can make adjustments right within Figma.

Compatible with Relume Library

For optimal results, the tool works best when used in conjunction with the Relume Library – famously known as the largest component library for Figma & Webflow. This integration promises a streamlined process from design to copywriting, making it a perfect synergy for your projects.

Real Feedback from Professionals

Designers and developers have found that Relume Ipsum revolutionizes the way they approach design. It sidesteps the waiting game for client-provided text and lets creatives dive straight into the design. Freelance designers like Felix Meens and developers such as Koysor Abdul praise the tool for changing their workflows for the better, saving them countless hours in their projects.

The Pros and Cons

Although Relume Ipsum is highly praised for its capabilities, like any tool, it has its advantages and limitations.


· Integrates directly with Figma, streamlining the design process.

· Provides the ability to lock and unlock text layers for flexibility in content creation.

· Enhances your service offerings by allowing you to easily add copywriting to your skillset.

· Offers improvements to existing copy with simple prompts.


· Specifically designed for Figma, so those using other design software may not benefit from it.

· As AI-generated content might not always be perfect, some human editing is usually needed to polish the final output.

Relume Ipsum isn't just about filling up space; it's about enriching your design process with quality text that resonates with your project's unique needs. If you're eager to check it out for yourself and possibly complement your designs with well-crafted content, why not give Relume Ipsum a try today?

For those seeking further insights or wanting to get started, you're just one click away from exploring all that Relume Ipsum has to offer. Visit the comprehensive Figma integration instructions and discover how to elevate your design with efficient and effective AI-powered writing.

Please note that the opinions expressed in this piece are based on personal user reviews and product features as of the knowledge cutoff date. Always research the latest updates and reviews for the most accurate information.

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