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the AI technology that improves machinery performance

December 8, 2023
the AI technology that improves machinery performance

Canopy: The AI that Enhances Machine Performance

In the vast and complex world of industry, maintaining machinery for optimal performance is a challenging task. Canopy is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence tool designed to assist in this critical area. Leveraging the power of AI, Canopy parses through your historical data, understanding every nuance of your machinery's operation, and assisting in industries as diverse as manufacturing, solar, and wind.

How Canopy Makes a Difference

When it comes to machinery health, Canopy operates like a vigilant guardian. It continuously monitors your machines, looking for any signs that suggest abnormal function. By catching these issues early, Canopy helps to curb the risk of unexpected downtime, allowing for prompt action to mitigate potential problems.

But it’s not just about monitoring; Canopy enables real-time tracking of performance. If your machinery is not performing at its best, Canopy will notify you. This real-time alert system allows you to take swift steps to address performance dips.

Collaboration is yet another feature where Canopy shines. It facilitates teamwork through a shared workspace where all stakeholders can view and analyze the same data from every angle. This communal approach is integral to resolving issues effectively and efficiently.

Why Canopy Stands Out

· Remote Deployment: Canopy's setup process is hassle-free, with no hardware installations required, which means you can get it up and running quickly and effortlessly.

· Deep-Dive Investigations: By drilling down to the sensor level, Canopy demystifies complex machinery issues, offering advanced visualizations to uncover the root cause of abnormalities.

· Unsupervised Learning: Canopy’s AI doesn't need pre-labelled data to understand what “normal” machinery behavior looks like. It autonomously detects anomalies regardless of their origin.

· Meaningful Alarms: Avoid the annoyance of false alarms. Canopy's dynamic and contextual alert system ensures that you only get notified when there’s a genuine concern.

Designed for Industries

Canopy isn't limited to one type of industry. Its applications are as varied as the machinery it monitors:

· Manufacturing: Analyze production lines to identify issues interfering with optimal machinery performance.

· Solar: Maximize solar energy output by ensuring that the equipment runs efficiently.

· Wind: Revolutionize how you view the health and performance of wind assets.

Hear from the Leaders

Arnoud Kamerbeek, CEO, mentions, "Canopy is the product of an intensive feedback loop with our customers. We are proud to deliver the power of machine learning through a tool that enables our customers to improve the productivity of their existing asset base.”

Meanwhile, COO and Co-founder Alex Helmer points out that "Canopy models your assets in the smallest detail, allowing you to view higher-level alarms as well as deep-dive to the sensor level and see exactly what's amiss."

Taking the Next Step

Canopy invites you to be part of an innovative journey towards enhanced machinery performance and productivity. Users can request a demo and experience firsthand how the AI tool can revolutionize their machine maintenance and performance.

User-Friendly and Customer-Driven

Designed with the user in mind, Canopy caters to the unique requirements of each client. Feedback has been a critical component in the development of Canopy, ensuring that its functionality aligns perfectly with the needs and workflow of its users.


· Facilitates proactive maintenance strategies.

· Reduces unwanted downtime.

· Improves overall machinery efficiency.

· User-friendly with a focus on collaboration.


· The initial phase of data integration might require a learning curve.

As industries continue to advance, tools like Canopy become essential partners in the pursuit of efficiency, productivity, and reliability. Whether your goal is the smooth running of production lines, making the most of renewable energy, or any other machinery-dependent endeavor, Canopy is poised to be an invaluable asset in your technology arsenal.

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