Are you interested in simplifying the extraction of text from images or generating images with your voice? Look no further than our AI-powered tool, Textunbox. With this incredible tool, you can achieve all this and more. Let's explore the features of Textunbox and what it offers.


· Text extraction: Textunbox can extract text from any image, even if it's curved or rotated, saving you time and effort.

· Voice-generated image creation: Generate an image from a text description using your voice.

· Image generation from text description: Create an image directly from a text description to visually represent your ideas.

· Extract text from audio: Convert spoken words into written text with ease.

· Language translation: Quickly translate from one language to another.

· English image description: Get a description of an image in English for easier understanding.

· Background removal: Easily remove the background of an image, leaving only the foreground object.

How It Works

Textunbox harnesses the power of AI. You can use the browser to access the tool or implement your own solution using the API for flexibility.

Curious about how Textunbox can benefit you? Check out the documentation to learn more about using this powerful AI tool.

With Textunbox, you can simplify tasks that would normally be time-consuming and challenging. By utilizing AI technology, you can streamline your processes and increase your productivity. Consider trying Textunbox today and see how it can transform the way you work with images and text.


· Simplifies text extraction from images

· Easy to use with the browser or API

· Versatile features for creating and processing images

· Capable of handling printed, handwritten, and audio-based text


· May have limitations with complex images or audio files

· Reliance on AI technology means occasional errors or inaccuracies

· Dependence on internet connection for browser-based use

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