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Introducing Amori, an innovative AI dating app designed to give individuals a unique perspective on their romantic connections. Born from the ingenuity of Stanford alum, this app reflects a mission to cultivate meaningful relationships through voice interaction and smart technology.

At the core of Amori is a GPT-powered algorithm, an advanced tool that reads and interprets text conversations with a romantic partner or an ex-partner. It offers a playful yet insightful analysis complete with a compatibility score to share with your friends. It's an entertaining way to gain advice or simply reflect on the dynamics of your past or current relationships.

Analyze Your Relationships

Are you curious about the nature of your interaction with someone? Amori allows you to take a deeper dive into your text exchanges. Whether using WhatsApp, iMessage, or waiting for the inclusion of Android and Instagram messages, the tool is ready to dissect your conversations anonymously and securely.

What You Can Learn

The app goes beyond a simple read-through of your messages, offering various insights into the relationship's quality:


Attachment Styles: Discover how your attachment types have played a role in shaping the dynamics.


Communication Patterns: Review the ways you and your partner exchange words and express feelings.


Intimacy Levels: Reflect on those special moments that brought you closer and added heat to your connection.


Challenges Faced: Identify the highs and lows of your relationship, gaining perspective on what worked and what didn't.


Endearing Moments: Revisit instances of affection and tenderness that marked your time together.


Potential Pitfalls: Understand critical issues that might predict the relationship's success or downfall.

Here you can view a sample report to get a taste of what the app offers.

The Amori Experience

Amori pushes the boundaries of dating apps by introducing an element of voice interaction. By engaging in genuine conversations, you contribute to a deeper understanding of your personality and relationship needs. As the app learns from your dialogue, it guides you towards more fulfilling connections.

Your Privacy Matters

When it comes to personal discussions, privacy is paramount. Amori pledges to treat your chats with the utmost confidentiality; with a steadfast commitment to protecting user data, none of your conversations are stored or viewed. You can explore and analyze to your heart's content, worry-free.

Getting Started

Ready to unveil the hidden layers of your text exchanges? Jump right in:


WhatsApp users: Get started for WhatsApp


iMessage users: Get started for iMessage

And for those eager to analyze messages from other platforms, you can join the waitlist here.

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