Discover Tellhop: The AI Assistant Designed for Construction Management

In the bustling world of construction management, where time is as valuable as the projects themselves, Tellhop emerges as a groundbreaking tool. It is a sophisticated AI-driven digital assistant that's revolutionizing how construction professionals handle their daily administrative tasks.

Imagine being able to manage all your reporting needs with ease, even when you're on the move. With Tellhop, you can seamlessly create, update, and sync your daily reports, timecards, and emails directly to Procore – the comprehensive construction management platform. The bonus? It's capable of performing these tasks hands-free, which means you can focus on driving or any other task without any interruptions.

Tellhop is not just about reporting; it's a virtual buddy that can send text message reminders and follow up with colleagues through emails or calls. This means less time trying to remember every little task and more time executing the critical components of your job.

Key Advantages of Using Tellhop

Time Efficiency

Save a significant amount of time by dictating your updates to Tellhop. It processes the information you provide and syncs it automatically to the appropriate Procore records, ensuring that every detail is logged correctly.

Increase Productivity

Struggling to find a specific piece of information? Just ask Tellhop. It's designed to sift through data and provide you with the answers you need. From printing out open change orders to managing follow-ups, it does it all.

Connectivity-Proof Operation

Even when you find yourself in a spot with low or no internet connectivity, Tellhop has got you covered. It records your updates and syncs them as soon as you're back online, so you never have to worry about losing important information ever again.

Why Construction Professionals Adore Tellhop

Construction professionals are finding that much of the time spent on administrative tasks is drastically reduced thanks to Tellhop. Here's why they are preferring this AI-admin:

Streamlined Communication

No more chasing down contacts for answers. Tellhop handles communications for you and ensures you can devote your attention to the on-site work that matters.

Get Home Sooner

After a long day's work, you can relax on your journey home while Tellhop updates your records. Let your assistant worry about the paperwork, so you’re free to unwind after a hard day at the construction site.

Effortless Reminders

Stay on top of your game with automated reminders. Tellhop sends you timely text notifications so you never miss out on important obligations.

Accurate Record Keeping

Say goodbye to human errors in documentation. Tellhop intelligently assigns the right cost codes and syncs data accurately, leading to meticulous records and ultimately saving you time and effort.

Getting Started with Tellhop

Setting up Tellhop is a breeze, and you can be up and running in less than five minutes. Here's how:

1. Create your account: Sign-up is simple and takes no more than three easy steps.

2. Sign in to Procore: Connect your Procore account to allow Tellhop to make updates.

3. Start texting your admin: You'll receive a text from your admin. Just message what you need done, and watch the magic happen.

Currently, you can enjoy all these features for free during its beta phase. Affordable pricing plans will be introduced post-beta to accommodate individual or team needs, from the solo construction professional to larger teams requiring extensive features.

In conclusion, Tellhop stands out as a tool that not only enhances productivity on construction sites but also provides a high degree of convenience and accuracy in administrative tasks. It represents the next step in digital assistance specifically tailored for the construction industry.

For more information on how to streamline your construction management process, you can find Tellhop here.

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