Discover the Freedom of Efficient Teaching with TeacherDashboard.ai

Simplify Your Teaching Workflow

In the heart of London, Ontario, Canada, a tool designed to lighten the load of teachers has been developed with heartfelt dedication. TeacherDashboard.ai emerges as a bastion of support for educators, aiming to give back what they value most: time.

Transform Your Teaching Experience

TeacherDashboard.ai hosts an array of features meant to streamline some of the most time-consuming tasks that teachers face.

Personalized Report Card Comments

Creating individualized learning skill comments for report cards can be a grueling process. But, with TeacherDashboard.ai, this task becomes efficient and personal, as the system tailors comments according to student performance and behavior.

Instant Rubric Generation

Bid farewell to the intricate chore of crafting rubrics from scratch. The AI rubric generator and editor construct precise rubrics in mere seconds, allowing you to focus on providing quality education instead of getting bogged down by preparation.

Swift Assignment Marking

Marking written assignments doesn't have to be a drawn-out task anymore. The AI-assisted marking tool evaluates students' work against set criteria and delivers constructive feedback. This boosts the marking speed and enhances the feedback quality for students.

Embrace the Advantages

The ease of use of TeacherDashboard.ai has garnered accolades from educators across Canada. Here's what they're saying about this transformative tool:

Sheryl, an elementary school teacher, proclaims it to be amazingly user-friendly, far exceeding other evaluation tools.

Leland, also an elementary school educator, notes a significant positive shift during report card season thanks to this AI solution.

Additionally, a user known as moose_ranger on Reddit shares the sentiment, applauding the tool for living up to their expectations.

Flexible Pricing Options

What adds to the appeal of TeacherDashboard.ai is its approachable pricing structure. Begin with a 3-day free trial to witness the benefits firsthand. If the service resonates with your needs, choose from two convenient pricing plans:


Yearly Plan: At $4.99 per month, billed annually, enjoy a hefty 50% discount and save $60 per year. This plan includes unlimited report card comments, rubric generations, and assisted assignment marking.


Quarterly Plan: For those who prefer a shorter commitment, the quarter plan offers the same unlimited features at $9.99 per month, billed every three months.

Both plans promise priority support and come with a 30-day money-back guarantee for added peace of mind.

Making the Smart Choice for Teachers

With TeacherDashboard.ai, educators can reclaim the hours lost to the monotonous aspects of their profession and devote more time to what truly matters – inspiring and nurturing their students. Whether it's generating engaging report card commentary, swiftly crafting rubrics, or marking assignments with precision, this tool has the potential to revolutionize classroom management.

For those ready to experience a paradigm shift in teaching efficiency, TeacherDashboard.ai invites you to get started today, propelling you towards a more balanced and fulfilling teaching experience.

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