Are you looking for a creative way to make how-to videos? Due to recent innovations in artificial intelligence and video creation, you can now develop engaging and helpful tutorials without requiring extensive technical skills. Among these innovations is Teach-O-Matic, an AI-powered tool designed to help you create high-quality videos from simple text-based instructions. With Teach-O-Matic, the process is easier than ever.

How it Works

Teach-O-Matic operates by leveraging robust AI algorithms and innovative video production capabilities. Here's what goes on behind the scenes:

  1. GPT-4 writes the script: The AI-powered language model GPT-4 is the first step in generating the video content. GPT-4 is capable of crafting clear and detailed scripts for your video instructions.

  2. Suno AI Bark reads the script: The script written by GPT-4 is then read and conceptualized into speech by Suno AI Bark, an advanced AI technology that helps provide authentic human-like audio content, resulting in life-like narrations.

  3. Damo Text-to-Video creates the videos: Using the content developed by the previous two steps, Damo Text-to-Video takes the script and audio and turns them into captivating videos. This step completes the process with compelling visual instructions to go with the narration.

  4. Riffusion writes the music: Music creates an engaging atmosphere in videos, and in this step, Riffusion works to create background music for your video. With the capability to merge music with your content, your audience gets a complete multimedia experience.

  5. Stable Diffusion creates the cover images: Finally, Stable Diffusion comes into play by crafting visually appealing cover images to catch the viewer's eye and provide context about the video content. These images help in branding and providing recognizable icons for your content.

  6. LangChain chains it all together: Finally, the underlying technology LangChain weaves all of these parts together seamlessly, resulting in a coherent and well-structured video.

Pros and Cons


  1. Simplicity: The process doesn't require high-level skills; thus, beginners can successfully create fantastic videos.
  2. Comprehensiveness: From scriptwriting to image creation and everything in between, Teach-O-Matic provides a complete package for video creation.
  3. High-quality content: By leveraging cutting-edge AI, the content you create with Teach-O-Matic is thoroughly engaging and professional.


  1. Limitation in output options: While effective, the tool might not provide the level of flexibility offered by a professional human team, especially when custom or specific requirements are needed.
  2. Skill dependency: The tool is as good as the input, and creativity, as well as specificity in instructions, impacts the quality of the video created.

With the advantage of being open-source, Teach-O-Matic is accessible to all and promises to be a game-changer in how-to video creation. If you're looking to produce how-to videos from text instructions, then you should give Teach-O-Matic a try. It promises to simplify your video creation journey!

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