Introducing The Smart Solution for Your Tax Needs

Navigating the intricacies of tax filing can be a daunting task, especially for the self-employed and small business owners in Australia. offers a seamless approach to managing your taxes with the help of cutting-edge artificial intelligence. This tool is designed to help you save time, reduce errors, and maximize your deductions.

Simplify Your Tax Filing is revolutionizing the way Australian freelancers, sole traders, and self-employed professionals handle their taxes. It operates as a digital tax assistant that makes the tax return process simpler and more efficient.

How Enhances Your Tax Filing Experience:


AI-Powered Assistant: The AI scans through your bank transactions, identifying deductions with precision, all the while ensuring you stay compliant with the Australian Tax Office (ATO) regulations.


CPA Support: A team of certified public accountants is on standby, offering their expertise to ensure that your tax management is flawless.


Automation: takes over the tedious work of managing spreadsheets by automating the categorization and tallying of transactions and deductions.


Accessibility: Enjoy a user-friendly interface that allows you to manage your taxes on the go and view your activity on a comprehensive dashboard.

Expanding Your Tax Knowledge isn't just about automation; it's also a resource for educating users. Whether it's understanding different expense types, deduction categories, or how to navigate quarterly taxes, the expert CPA team is there to impart wisdom.

Powerful Integrations

Combining with your existing accounting software is a breeze, thanks to robust API integrations. It keeps your finances well-organized and easily accessible, all in one place.

Maximizing Deductions and Savings

With expertise in identifying every conceivable deduction, ensures that not a single penny that can be saved will be missed. This can result in considerable savings, up to 98% efficiency in maximizing tax deductions according to their data.

Personalized Tax Reports and Advice

By analyzing your specific situation, delivers a tailored tax report, complete with advanced recommendations. Additionally, if you have questions or need further clarification, personal tax advice is just a few taps away within the app.

Simple Process to Get Started

1. Sign Up: Begin by creating your account and linking your transaction records.

2. Statement Analysis: Let's AI do its magic by scanning for eligible tax deductions.

3. Expense Cards: Review the findings, approve or reject deductions, or consult with a CPA if needed.

Keeping Your Data Secure assures users that their financial data remains confidential and protected. Security measures and real-time expense tracking give peace of mind while using the online tax filing platform.

Questions Answered's website has a comprehensive FAQ section addressing a variety of concerns, such as tracking multiple income sources, safety of financial data, real-time expense tracking, personalized tax advice, and more.

Embrace the Ease of

For those in Australia's gig economy or running small businesses, is poised to take the stress out of tax season. With a blend of advanced technology and expert human support, this tax app is an invaluable addition to your financial toolkit.

To learn more about how can benefit your tax filing process, consider joining the waitlist and embarking on a journey to smarter, hassle-free taxes.

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