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TargumOpen main menuPricingFAQDashboardLog in→ Hi, Translate any video from any language to any language in a matter of seconds! Drop your .mp4 here I agree with terms and conditionsTranslate my video Psst.. You can also drop a video file here to upload it! 00:02.000 - 00:04.000Hi, welcome to Targum00:03.000 - 00:04.000 You can paste a link to twitter, tiktok, instagram, reddit and get translation in seconds.00:04.000 - 00:06.000You can also upload a video or drag and drop, or record from a mobile device 00:02.000 - 00:04.000Привет, добро пожаловать в Таргум. 00:03.000 - 00:04.000Вы можете вставить ссылку на твиттер, тикток, ин TargumTestimonialsGreat translators from all around the world love using Targum and @Vidtranslator!“Congrats! This service and use of #AI has for me at least, opened an entirely new world that was inaccessible before.”Adam F.@AFail3dAdam“If you haven't heard of @vidtranslator you have now. Doing an amazing job of translating videos and for free. It's changed the information sharing space and people's ability to understand what's going on. Give them a follow.”BRAT 🇬🇧@missnuton“I second this nomination. @vidtranslator connects you to other people across the world by understanding video content outside of conventional media. Understanding others creates shared empathy. It is so much more than video translation.”Context@somecontext“Absolutely amazing product. Thank you for making it available. Would be fantastic to get access to the additional beta tools.”Igor Sushko@igorsushko“I and others would gladly pay a few dollars for a video like this to be translated, for what its worth.”@anon“Thank you so much for your work I spent over 2 decades engaging China and hoping their next generation would change and now Xi has made it so they become a lost generation with no voice. So your tool is giving them a voice”@anon“You have an amazing product. Twitter is not overly compatible with Google lens. Google translate for videos SUCKS. I look forward to somehow being able to use it on other platforms either as an app that does an overlay or similar to Google lens on Telegram.”Marybeth McKenzie@honeydewhugs“An online Artificial Intelligence Powered service that does a better language translation than Google Translate. It is very simple, fast and effortless to use. I love using Targum because Targum is the only service that can do this quickly, with high quality and easily.”@Yorukhun“Hello. The quality is great. Unfortunately, I don't use any traditional social media like FB, Twitter to share this video to. If there was a way to download the translated video to upload to another site then that would be incredibly helpful. From a viral marketing standpoint, it will also allow greater visibility beyond traditional social media. Would really like to get the video otherwise.”Sparks McGuffin@emailWhat is “Targum” anyway? Targum means "translation" in Ancient Aramaic that refers to the first ever translation. We're bringing this concept to videos with the help of AI. Send us a video in any language and we'll translate it to any language in a matter of seconds. Start translating for free! →© 2023 All rights reserved.Terms of UsePrivacy[["Reactive",1],{"data":2,"state":3,"errors":18,"serverRendered":7},{},{"$ssupabaseuser":4,"$scolor-mode":5,"$suploadVideoModalOptions":9,"$sotpModalOptions":13,"$sprofile":17},null,{"preference":6,"value":6,"unknown":7,"forced":8},"system

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