Discover the Joy of Speaking English with TalkOn

In the season of jolly spirits and festive cheer, there's a unique gift waiting for everyone who wishes to improve their spoken English: TalkOn, the AI-powered English-speaking practice app.

Finding Fluency with TalkOn

For countless individuals, the journey of learning English has been a long one. While reading and writing may come easily after years of study, speaking fluently remains a challenge for many. This is where TalkOn steps in, offering a refreshing and innovative approach to mastering spoken English.

A Personal AI for Every English Learner

TalkOn isn't just an app—it's your personal AI learning companion, designed to make speaking English a delightful experience. It leverages the Talk AI language model, a leading-edge technology that tailors English conversations across various scenarios and levels of difficulty. With authentic human-like pronunciation, this AI speaking coach is not just effective but also engaging.

Boost Your Confidence with Real-time Chat

TalkOn believes in the freedom of speech—free of worries about grammar and vocabulary. It lets you converse with virtual characters, from youngsters to professionals, helping you gain the confidence to speak English in any setting.

Learn and Live English through Images

The AI in TalkOn transcends traditional text-based learning. By allowing you to snap a picture, the app translates the visual elements into English, plunging you into a true English-speaking environment.

AI Grammar Class: A Global Classroom

With the AI Grammar Class, you can interact with an AI tutor in your native language, learning grammar intuitively. It's a fun, interactive, and stress-free approach that mimics an actual classroom experience.

Contextual Vocabulary Learning: The Fun Way

Bid farewell to outdated vocabulary learning methods. TalkOn's AI infuses new words into stories and contexts, fostering a deeper understanding and retention.

Tailored Language Training Camp

TalkOn adapts to your interests. Whether you're into everyday English or the lingua franca of business, the app prepares common expressions and phrases pertinent to your selected topics.

Engage and Practice: Beyond Repetition

Move past the mundane cycle of repetition. TalkOn encourages active language use by combining theoretical learning with practical situations.

Comprehensive Courses for a Multifaceted World

With a catalog of systematic courses encompassing both business and everyday English, TalkOn prepares you to navigate through various life and work scenarios with confidence.

Tools to Enhance Proficiency

TalkOn is equipped with a suite of tools that aid in language learning. Featuring language translation, reply hints, grammar checking, and pronunciation pace adjustments, it ensures comprehensive support on your journey to fluency.

Pros and Cons of the TalkOn Tool


  • Provides an engaging AI-powered learning experience
  • Real-time conversation boosts speaking confidence
  • Immersive English learning through visual translation
  • Interactive AI Grammar Class in your native language
  • Vocabulary learning is enhanced with contextual storytelling
  • Offers a selection of tools to aid language learning


  • Dependence on app-based learning may limit exposure to real-life interactions
  • The efficacy of AI pronunciation and phrases may vary across different accents and dialects

Whether you're looking to polish your conversational skills or expand your business English vocabulary, TalkOn offers a comprehensive platform to enhance your spoken English with the power of AI.

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