Try itHow it worksUse casesPricingFAQ MenuLogin Get Talknotes +Turn messy thoughts into actionable notes. Fast.The #1 AI. voice note-taking appTurn hours of note taking into minutes. Just speak, and let the AI transcribe, clean up and structure your voice. Works in 50+ languages Can be used on web and mobile Trusted by +3000 happy users Get Talknotes + Try it Free Trusted by +3000 happy users Try the demo here. Just press record and speak your mind.00:30 Choose a stylePick a writing style for your noteNoteA short note with the core ideas of your audio.TranscriptCleaned up transcript with punctuation.ListA list with the main ideas.EmailA casual email.Task ListA list of tasks to do.JournalA journal entry with date.FlashcardA flashcard with a questions & answers.TweetA short tweet around 280 characters long.LinkedInA LinkedIn post. TranscribePreparing your note…To save your notes, get more styles, record longer audio & more, try TalkNotes +TitleYour content will appear here (if you see this, there is an issue) New note Get Talknotes +How does it work?1. Record Your VoiceSpeak your thoughts & ideas. Don't stress about format, grammar, pauses or mistakes, just talk naturally, we handle the rest.2. Choose a styleTalkNotes will transcribe your voice into any kind of content. Transcript, Task list, journal entry, Blog post… Your creativity is the only limit!3. Edit & organizeTweak your note to your liking. Create folders, add tags, change the format, edit the transcript or share it with others. Get Talknotes +Use cases BrainstormingCapture your creative sparks on the go! TalkNotes transcribes your brainstorming sessions, so you can focus on your next big idea without missing a beat. Content CreationCreate content effortlessly! Dictate your thoughts directly into text and speed up the writing process. Ideal for bloggers, writers, and content marketers. JournalingDocument your personal journey with ease! Voice journaling with TalkNotes helps you express feelings, ideas, and memories without the need to type. InterviewsTranscribe interviews in real-time! Whether it's for journalism or research, TalkNotes provides accurate text from your recorded conversations. MeetingsMake meetings more productive! Record discussions, transcribe them instantly, and never miss an important detail again. Educational NotesEnhance your learning! TalkNotes allows students and educators to convert lectures and study sessions into clear, organized notes for future reference. Get Talknotes +Demo video Want to see the app in action? No worries, I've got you covered! Here is a live demo showing how to create a note: (Watch in x2 if you're in a hurry) Get Talknotes +Outstanding QualityThe quality of the transcriptions is fantastic and require virtually no rework. Compared to incomparably more expensive professional transcription tools, the results are dimensions better. Thomas Mickeleit GermanyA huge time-saverThis is really great app and a huge time-saver. I like that the emails are in my personal style unlike other ai apps where they are really formulaic Pier Smulders New ZealandHad been looking for something exactly like this!I had been looking for a while for exactly this type of app, and I've yet to find one that works as seamless as this one! The multilingual input works really smooth Guido NetherlandsPricingTurn your ramblings into actionable notes35:59:56Limited time Launch offer: up to 75% off$5

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