An Innovative Way to Interact with ChatGPT

Have you ever wished for a more natural way to engage with the popular conversational AI, ChatGPT? Now, you can simply talk to it. There's a browser extension that has transformed the way we interact with ChatGPT, making the experience smoother and more accessible than ever before.

This extension brings the convenience of voice control to your ChatGPT interactions. Imagine not having to type your queries anymore. Instead, you can use your microphone to speak to ChatGPT, and it replies in kind, with a synthesized voice. The freedom of not being tethered to your keyboard allows for a seamless conversation with AI.

The tool is not just about convenience; it's also about inclusivity. It supports all major languages through the Google Chrome API for voice recognition and text-to-speech, so users worldwide can communicate in their native tongue. Furthermore, the extension leverages ElevenLabs API, known for providing a diverse range of voices, ensuring that the conversation feels more personal and less robotic.

User-Friendly Features

The extension is remarkably easy to use:

  • Voice Recognition On/Off Toggle: Turn the microphone on when you want to speak and off when you don't.

  • Bot's Voice Customization: Adapt the bot's speaking rate and pitch to suit your preferences.

  • Skip Messages: Bypass any part of the AI's response you don't wish to hear.

  • Settings Menu: Adjust language and other settings to better match your needs.

Latest Updates

The developers continuously work on improving the experience:

  • Azure Text-To-Speech: As of December 2023, a new integration allows for even more options in voice stylings.

  • Chrome Conflict Fix: They resolved an issue with OpenAI's image upload feature.

  • User Interface Optimization: The widget is now more compact and less intrusive.

  • Code Improvements: Under-the-hood enhancements keep the extension running smoothly.

  • Emoji Reading Option: No more text-to-speech engines stumbling over emojis!


The developers also prioritize user privacy:

  • Data Collection: The developer has stated that they do not collect or use your personal data.

  • Data Use: It is declared that your data will not be sold, misused, or used for unrelated purposes to the extension's core functionality.

User Feedback

Real users have experienced the tool and shared their thoughts:

  • Some have faced technical hitches relating to microphone access, but the majority celebrate the extension as an excellent enhancement to their ChatGPT experience.


Interaction with AI should not be limited by the type of input device one can use. This browser extension is a testament to the evolving user-AI interface, catering to a varied audience and prioritizing user experience. While there may be occasional technical issues like with any technology, the dedication to ongoing improvement and user privacy makes this tool a valuable and accessible asset for ChatGPT enthusiasts.

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