Log inUse CasesChatGPT summaryTranscribe ZoomTranscribe MS TeamsSpeech-to-textTeam meetingsCustomer meetingsPricingResourcesGPT4 Note TakerAI Note TakerIntegrationsYouTube TranscriptLearnPartner with usContact UsHelp CenterVisionImpactLog inGet startedAutomate your post-meeting tasks with AITactiq unlocks actionable insights from your meeting transcripts in minutes - so that you’re getting more out of your meetings and focussing on the actions that matter.Add to Chrome-it's free!

Based on 1,200+ reviews on Chrome Web StoreWorks with Google Meet, Zoom and Microsoft TeamsTactiq supports English, Español, Português, Français, Deutsch and 25 other languagesLoved By 300,000 Users Modernizing Their Meeting WorkflowsUse Generative AI with your next meeting. Learn more→Ready toChange the way you do meetings and post-meeting actionsDo more with AI-powered meeting transcriptions#1 Transcription tool for Zoom, Google Meet and MS Teams2m+Meetings are transcribed with Tactiq every monthAre you doing your meeting notes and follow-up tasks manually?✍️Note-takingTaking meeting notes manually while trying to focus on the conversation🧐ReviewingReviewing meeting recordings to pull out the most insightful parts🎯SummarizingWriting summary updates of what was discussed for each meeting attendeeTactiq uses AI to put your meeting transcripts to workView real-time transcription in your favorite meeting apps.Say no to manual note-taking. Focus on the conversation with the live transcription - have a transcript handy for every meeting straight after your meeting ends.‣ Bot-free non-obtrusive app‣ Know exactly who said what‣ Easily share transcripts with participantsGet actionable insights in 1-click using AI.Never again waste time digging through call recordings and transcripts. Tactiq’s follow-up action prompts take care of the post-meeting work for you:‣ Craft a meeting summary‣ Generate a list of action items‣ Create an agenda for the next meetingAsk AI to take a personalized action for you.Tactiq’s OpenAI integration lets you ask questions directly within your meeting transcripts — Giving you tailor-made results.‣ Draft a Jira ticket‣ Write a detailed follow-up email‣ Structure notes in a specific formatTurn custom AI questions into re-useable actions.Tactiq lets you turn your frequent AI prompts into 1-click actions — So that you can easily take automated follow-up actions without starting from scratch.‣ Write a repetitive question‣ Save it to your AI meeting kits‣ Reuse it on all transcripts in 1-clickTestimonialsOur users love us!Google Chrome featured app

Based on 1,200+ reviews

300,000 happy usersSee what they are saying"This is one of the top best tools for my life/productivity ever invented. I rank it up there with Gmail and the microwave. Helps me not to forget what I'm supposed to do after the meeting and helps people who couldn't make it to the meeting catch up."Tammie Lim,Product Manager,Founder at Wedding Storybook Programs."I do all my coaching online, and having my video calls automatically transcribed I can focus on what my coaching clients are saying in the moment knowing there is a full and complete record. This means I have greater impact and transparency in my sessions, since I can quickly send a full copy to my clients within minutes rather than hours or days."Ian Burton,Leadership Coach“I’ve tried a lot of different meeting tools, including note-

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