Track, Organize, and Collaborate with TabHub

TabHub is a game-changing tool designed to revolutionize the way you manage your web browsing. Whether you're an individual user aiming to enhance your productivity or part of a team needing seamless collaboration, TabHub is here to elevate your browsing experience.

Introducing TabHub: Your All-in-One Web Browsing Solution

Are you tired of having countless tabs open in your browser, only to struggle with organizing and managing them effectively? TabHub is the next-generation tab manager that simplifies and streamlines your web browsing.

  • All-in-One Tab Management: TabHub provides a comprehensive toolbox for managing tabs, cloud synchronization, bookmark management, and the ability to sort, group, save, and restore tabs effortlessly.

  • Enhanced Productivity: Track your browsing activities and gain insightful analytics using TabHub's time tracker powered by AI. Identify how you spend time online and take control of your web browsing habits.

  • Smart Grouping with AI: Thanks to AI technology, you can now organize your tabs with a single click. No more overwhelming tab chaos—let TabHub intelligently group your tabs, making accessibility and management a breeze.

Pros and Cons


  1. Lightweight extension (400KB) to optimize memory usage
  2. Real-time team collaboration for seamless browsing sessions
  3. AI-powered tab grouping for effortless organization
  4. Time tracker for improved productivity insights


  1. Some features are only accessible with a premium subscription

Team Collaboration Made Easy

For teams looking to collaborate in real-time, TabHub offers a unique browsing solution. Share tabs seamlessly with team members, manage access, and host real-time collaborative sessions effortlessly.

What's Next for TabHub?

With updates in the pipeline, including a Browsing Tree feature, TabHub is continuously evolving to cater to the needs of its users. Join the waiting list today to gain early access to the Beta version and stay up to date with upcoming features.

Final Thoughts

TabHub is not just an ordinary tab manager; it's your one-stop solution for enhanced browsing, productivity monitoring, and team collaboration.

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