Syne: Bringing Your Designs to Life in Augmented and Virtual Realities

In the world of industrial design, where concepts leap from the page to become the next big thing, visualizing and prototyping is a crucial step in the creative process. Welcome Syne, the next-level tool that harnesses the power of extended reality (XR) and innovative AI technology to breathe life into your designs.

Visualizing with Cutting-Edge Technology

Syne offers an intuitive platform for industrial designers, which merges the ease of rapid prototyping with the power of high-fidelity visualization. It could be likened to a sibling of Keyshot—a popular rendering software—yet it operates in the unique niche of immersive real-scale environments. With Syne, you have the ability to walk through your designs as if they were already part of the real world.

Seamless Integration from the Cloud

Gone are the days of juggling multiple software packages or dealing with cumbersome transfers between platforms. Syne simplifies the journey from concept to prototype. It allows you to effortlessly pull your 3D models from Google Drive, bypassing the complexity and getting straight to the immersive experience of augmented or virtual reality (AR/VR).

AI-Powered Environments and Textures

With a simple conversation with the AI, you’re no longer bound by the limitations of static textures or pre-made environments. Syne enables you to command the type of material or backdrop you'd like to see and the AI works its magic, tailoring your model's look and feel to fit your vision—whether that's brushed aluminum, worn leather, or nestled within a bustling cityscape or serene mountainside.

Beyond the Visual: Physics and Lighting

Realism doesn’t stop with just the appearance. Syne embodies a sophisticated understanding of the world's physics and lighting. Designers can experiment with how their creations interact with gravity, observe them in a plethora of lighting conditions, snap pictures of their progress, and even iterate on the fly. It's about pushing the boundaries beyond the visual to the practical, operational side of design—you want your design not only to look good but also to work correctly in its intended environment.

Collaboration Made Easy

Syne knows that design is rarely a solo endeavor. Sharing insights with your team is as straightforward as taking a snapshot within the platform. This facility ensures smooth collaboration, allows you to showcase variations, and garners feedback that’s crucial for refining your project.

Syne comes with a promise to streamline the process of design visualization and verification in naturalistic settings. It might be a game-changer for designers who want to see and share their creations in a hyper-realistic light before they ever make physical prototypes.

While the tool is a standout for simplifying intricate processes, one should still acknowledge a few considerations:




Immersive real-scale prototyping


Easy import from Google Drive


AI-generated textures and environments, offering endless creativity


Realistic physics and varied lighting conditions


Simplified sharing and collaboration features




A potential learning curve for those new to XR technology


Dependence on Google Drive for model imports, which might not suit all users


As with any AI-driven tool, unexpected outcomes or glitches can disrupt the design process

In summary, Syne aims to bridge the gap between the imagined and the tangible, to make the process of bringing a new design into fruition as tactile and real as possible, even at the earliest stages. For those eager to be at the forefront of industrial design technology, staying tuned for updates from Syne and getting on the waitlist could be a step toward shaping the future of design innovation.

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