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November 22, 2023

If you're searching for an easy and efficient means to improve your image lighting, look no further than SwitchLight. Utilizing cutting-edge AI technology, this remarkable tool transforms the way we approach image lighting and backgrounds. Here's all you need to know:

What Can You Do with SwitchLight?

SwitchLight offers three incredible tools to bring about a transformation in your visual content:

  • Copy Light: By copying and pasting lighting from portrait images, you can create incredible visuals that grab attention. It's an excellent way to improve portraits, along with other images, with dazzling lighting.
  • HDRI Relight: With SwitchLight, you can illuminate your images with a unique panorama image called HDRI. This kind of image contains a complete surrounding lighting environment that can be directly utilized in your visuals.
  • PBR Material Acquisition: Extracting a normal, albedo, and roughness map is made easy. You can use these with any 3D software that's built on physical-based rendering principles.

Quality and Compatibility

One of the main benefits of SwitchLight is its compatibility and quality:

  • Image Formats and Ideal Conditions: SwitchLight supports JPG/JPEG, PNG, and WEBP formats for input images. The tool delivers the output in PNG format. For the best outcomes, we suggest using images with resolutions up to 2048x2048, with a particular note that portrait-oriented images provide the best performance.
  • HDRI Backgrounds: SwitchLight sources its HDRI assets from, a high-quality 3D asset resource, ensuring reliable and eye-catching backgrounds.

Subscriptions and Features

The freedom to personalize your lighting and background ensures SwitchLight is a versatile and convenient tool for your creative pursuits:

  • Access to Features: Subscription offers access to own HDRI inclusion and portrait image uploading. It equips creators with the ability to generate custom templates exclusively and effectively.
  • Flexibility: You can cancel your subscription at any time with ease, making it a hassle-free and flexible option for your changing needs.

Customer Support

SwitchLight keeps you covered with top-notch customer support and accessibility:

  • Queries and Assistance: For further queries, SwitchLight offers general support via email at, along with a Discord option. With a user-friendly support system, your queries will be promptly addressed.

SwitchLight is developed by a dedicated team in Seoul, South Korea, and is a go-to solution for anyone interested in improving their visuals effortlessly.

Pros and Cons of SwitchLight


  • Seamlessly enhance image lighting and background environment with AI technology
  • Versatile image format support makes it accessible to most creators
  • Easy cancellation of subscriptions ensures flexibility and peace of mind


  • The ideal input conditions being limited to 2048x2048 resolution might deter those requiring higher resolution rendering
  • Accessibility to unique settings and features is reserved for subscribers only

If you're after a brilliant way to level up your visual content game, SwitchLight is your answer. It's quick, convenient, and reliable, saving you both time and effort while making your visuals stand out like never before.

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