Welcome to the World of Swifto: Your Personal AI Website Assistant

Have you ever wished your website could become a winning racehorse in the vast digital landscape, leading the race for more sales and signups? Swifto might just be the solution you've been dreaming of. This innovative tool is designed to make website optimization effortless and accessible to everyone—even those with no technical expertise.

No-Code Personalization & A/B Testing Made Easy

Swifto is a no-code website personalization and A/B testing platform that caters specifically to startups and small to medium businesses. It eliminates the need for a designer, frontend developer, or UX researcher while allowing you to run high-quality experiments. And the best part? You can set everything up in less than 5 minutes!

Customizing User Experiences

Every visitor to your site is unique, and Swifto understands this. With dynamic personalization, the tool tailors your website to each visitor, aiming to convert more traffic into sales.

Smart Traffic Allocation

Swifto is more than just a testing tool; it's a smart traffic manager. By analyzing visitor attributes, it automatically guides users to the most effective page variant for their specific cohort, taking the guesswork out of your marketing strategy.

Effortless Implementation

Implementing Swifto is as simple as adding a snippet of code to your website. Once that's done, your website is equipped to evolve and improve autonomously.

Transparent and Affordable Pricing Plans

What's truly appealing about Swifto is its straightforward pricing structure. Starting with a Free plan, you can enjoy AI copy generation, analytics, and priority support, all at no cost. If your team is looking for something more robust, the Growth (Beta) plan at $199 per month adds features like user personalization and visual changes. For established businesses, the Enterprise plan at $599 per month provides comprehensive services including traffic intent audits and dedicated campaign management.

Who Benefits from Swifto?

Swifto is specially built for businesses with small teams that cannot afford dedicated resources for exhaustive website testing. The good news is it won't slow down your site, with a latency time currently under 30ms.

Standing Out from the Crowd

What sets Swifto apart from other A/B testing tools is its automated optimization beyond fixed traffic allocation. It identifies the best-performing variant in real-time and dynamically channels traffic to optimize conversions constantly—saving you from any potential losses during testing. Currently focused on optimizing web copy, Swifto is expanding to include a broader range of website components.

Inquiries Welcome

Curious to learn more or have questions? The Swifto team is just an email away at sankeerth@puddl.io, or engage in live discussions on their Discord Channel.

Transparent Policies and Inclusive Development

For those interested in the nitty-gritty details or how Swifto handles privacy, they provide easy access to their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Swifto extends an invite to everyone to follow their development journey. They pride themselves on building in public, sharing milestones and updates through their social network profiles and blogs.

Ready to make your website smarter? Dive into the world of Swifto and let the power of generative AI revolutionize your online presence. Get started with Swifto and watch your website optimize itself on autopilot.

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