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November 22, 2023

Access ChatGPT on Your Mac with swiftGPT

If you're a Mac user, you'll be pleased to know about swiftGPT, a native macOS app designed to enhance your ChatGPT experience. With swiftGPT, you can enjoy fast and effortless access to ChatGPT right on your Mac.

Key Features of swiftGPT:

  • Use Your Own API Key: Easily integrate your OpenAI API key and start using the app.

  • Track Conversation Costs: Monitor the total and individual conversation costs within the app.

  • Familiar and Native Chat UI: Enjoy a user-friendly interface that feels like a natural extension to native chat apps on your Mac.

  • History of Conversations: Access the history of your conversations and keep track of their costs.

  • Dark Mode Support: Flexibly switch between light and dark mode.

Coming Soon to iPhone and iPad

If you're an iPhone or iPad user, swiftGPT will soon be available on iOS devices. Subscribe to our updates to be the first to know when we launch for iPhone and iPad.

Get Started with swiftGPT Today

Ready to upgrade your ChatGPT experience on your Mac? Download the swiftGPT macOS app for free to enjoy the benefits of this powerful and convenient tool.

An even more seamless and efficient ChatGPT experience is just a download away with swiftGPT!


  • Seamless access to ChatGPT on your Mac
  • Easy API key integration
  • Cost tracking feature for monitoring expenses


  • Limited to Mac and upcoming support for iPhone and iPad
  • No mention of Windows or Android compatibility
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