Discover the Innovative Tool Transforming Architectural Drafting: SWAPP®

In the dynamic world of architecture, staying ahead of the game is crucial. With rising demands and a need for efficiency, one tool has stepped up to revolutionize the way architectural firms approach their projects: SWAPP®.

Transforming Construction Documents with Intelligence

SWAPP® is an advanced tool that employs intelligent algorithms to produce precise and exhaustive construction documents and Building Information Modeling (BIM) models at unprecedented speeds. This technology isn't just about speed; it brings a level of detail and completeness to project documentation that is hard to match through traditional methods.

How SWAPP® Elevates Architectural Practice

When architectural firms integrate SWAPP’s technology, they notice an array of benefits that can reshape the way they operate:

Boost Firm's Profitability

SWAPP® takes the reins on the laborious process of creating countless drawing sheets. By automating this phase, firms see a notable decrease in both project duration and manual labor demand, leading to heftier profit margins.

Increase Growth Potential

In the current climate of high demand, it's challenging for firms to expand their portfolio, especially when the retention of experienced architects is tough. SWAPP® tackles the most labor-intensive planning tasks, allowing firms to decrease overtime, improve retention, and manage more projects efficiently.

Consistent High-Quality Delivery

SWAPP® doesn't just automate; it refines your technology edge and cements advanced BIM practices. It concocts a personalized Design Decision Language (DDL™) for your firm, a set of dynamic rules that assure a superior standard in BIM and drafting methods. Supported by experts in BIM, data science, and artificial intelligence, SWAPP® guarantees reliability, minimizes errors, and cuts down on time-consuming training.

Focus on Creativity Over Drafting

With SWAPP®, architects can direct their energies towards imaginative design rather than repetitive drafting tasks. This shift enables the birth of architectural innovation, as the daunting document generation process takes a backseat.

Seamless Design Revisions

Revisions are an inevitable part of any architectural project. SWAPP® introduces a level of simplicity to this process, where modifications are made with ease and every associated element within the design, details, and drawings is automatically updated with a single click.

Catering to Specific Industry Verticals

SWAPP’s Automated Construction Documents service is tailored for both multifamily and educational projects. The tool respects the unique requirements of these sectors, ensuring that schematic designs are beautifully transformed into comprehensive construction documents that realize the client's vision.

Endorsement by Industry Leaders

Architects and companies that have used SWAPP® speak highly of the confidence it instills, allowing them to undertake more projects with the assurance of timely delivery.

In The Spotlight

SWAPP is gaining recognition: from achieving significant funding rounds to being featured in industry discussions and earning accolades from prestigious bodies like BuiltWorlds. It's not just about providing a service; it's about leading a wave of transformation within the industry and fostering community through events such as The Architecture Disruption Society Meetups.


In an era where the architectural landscape is continuously evolving, SWAPP® stands out as a tool that not only keeps pace but propels firms forward. It’s an investment in technological sophistication, quality assurance, and profound efficiency. For architects eager to devote more time to design and less to document management, SWAPP® might just be the assistant they need.

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