Suzan AI

Navigating the complex landscape of AI governance and security can be overwhelming. Suzan AI serves as an intuitive control center to simplify this process, ensuring that your organization adopts compliant, responsible AI systems that align with global regulations and ethical standards.

Simplify AI Governance from Day One

Deploying AI systems comes with a multitude of challenges, but Suzan AI is designed to empower teams to navigate these complexities efficiently from the very beginning. No extensive legal or technical knowledge is required. Suzan AI assists in:

· Anticipating upcoming regulations

· Aligning with the existing laws and best practices

· Reducing exposure to various risks that can lead to operational, reputational, or legal issues

Accelerate Innovation Without Compromise

Innovation shouldn't be halted by the intricacies of compliance. Suzan AI enables your organization to:

· Unlock AI use cases swiftly

· Enhance business efficiency

· Map out AI assets with continuous, comprehensive inventories

Smart Features for Smart Governance

Suzan AI provides a suite of intelligent tools to ensure your AI systems remain accountable and trustworthy:

· Smart Registries automatically detect and track ungoverned AI assets

· Vendor Assessments streamline procurement and ensure alignment with regulations

· Comprehensive Dashboards for a clear overview of company projects, risks, and tasks

· Consistent Governance to define and deploy uniform governance rules

Stay Current Effortlessly

Keeping up with evolving regulations and standards can be daunting. Suzan AI relieves that burden through:

· Automatic Extraction of relevant requirements from international regulations and standards, mapping them efficiently to your AI systems

· Continuous Updates from the latest guidelines, regulatory changes, and law cases to enhance regulatory watch

· Custom Policies Configuration that allows the addition of non-mandatory frameworks or company-specific controls

Managing and Mitigating Risks Intelligently

Having hands-on control over the potential risks associated with AI use is vital:

· Identify Risks without deep expertise by utilizing recomm

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